Tuesday, 13 April 2010


She led a normal life
happy with her hubby and child
married at an early age
never had a chance to be wild.

Set in her mariatal ways
cooking and cleaning all day
hubby worked hard to keep them
but hardly had much to say.

She was bored with her "normal life"
it lacked that vital spark
in bed she would try to imagine
she would be taken in the dark.

Alas she woke in her own surroundings
ready to face another day
meet up with her sister, have a chat
knowing nothing new she would say.

On the way home she met a guy
he was handsom, European, and smart
she got all childishly gigglish
she didnt know were to start.

He melted her with his smile
she was enchanted with his eyes
right now it could have been anyone
it was no surprise.

But she felt a sudden click
as if everything fell in place
struggling to say any words
glaring at his face.

He spoke to her in a soft voice
she didnt care what he said
the accent was enough for her
he said his name was Fred.

Thats how it all started
they soon become lovers
at every opportunity they had
they ended up underthe covers!

He was married, so was she
but they loved each other for sure
nothing would come between them
for them their love was pure.

After several months, they decided to leave
a date was made to go
they wanted it badly, to be together
to nurture their love and grow.

But his wife found out, she saw a letter
sent to him by his lover
infuriated she went to Town
hoping to blow their cover.

Carrying a gun she met up with him
and fired three shots at his chest
he fell on the ground like a dead weight
dressed in his Sunday best.

No one won, the lover or the wife
as Fred lay dead and still
the wife was arrested, screaming loudly
wondering how she could kill.

The lover moved away with her man
unhappy but making things do
excitement visited this passionate woman
but for life she aint got a clue!

I was watching a new drama last night on tv, and I was really impressed with it, British drama is superb, a lot of it deals with real life, things that happen, in this case it was the usual, woman stuck in a marriage with no excitment, her man working hard to give them what they have, and she not happy needs more thrills in her life
but then it all goes horribly wrong as it usually does, and someone gets hurt, so the moral of this poem is, be happy with what you have, people may think the grass is greener on the other side but is it?

Has any TV drama ever made an impression on you??

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  1. Wot a touching post William.....I do totally agree with the moral of your poem.

  2. Wot a lovely poem William. U r r8....we should always be happy with what we have. Thanks for reminding.

  3. Thanks for sharing the moral through this lovely poem....I truly believe this.

  4. yeah, i agree...our lusts and greed seldom lead the happy endings...have a wonderful day my friend...great write...

  5. A sensational poem william , well done sir.

  6. This is fantastic as usual..I guess I cant be the woman in the poem..I was tooo wild...Lol..!come follow..you might get a chuckle..!

  7. when I see the image,
    I begin to laugh,
    you have become very funny and wild, William!
    it is true that it hurts when one married person get involved with the third party...

    very powerful poem!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. I used to watch
    "Guiding Light",
    A TV soap opera,
    It shows at around 2pm,
    I always turn the tv on when I came home from classes years ago...not any more...
    this American drama has the longest episodes and love is the theme, people kill, play tricks, and ...they go crazy when they do not get what they want...a couple who share two beautiful children together have been remarry and separate for 4 or 5 times during past two decades...it is fun to watch, but I don't think that in reality, people will get over the wound that easily

    Happy Tuesday to You!

  9. Your poem is getting better and better as your new look!
    William, my love, it is so true what you just said.
    Dissatisfaction always lead to T R O U B L E!

    The TV Dramas that I like?
    Hong Kong, they are d best if you understand
    the language, culture and if you are Chinese and speaks Cantonese which I do, yeah , yeah!
    Spanish and Korean, just a few...
    I love ANYTHING with HUGH GRANT and Mr.BEAN!

  10. Oh and William, GREAT PICTURE!
    You are so romantic!

  11. Cheating always ends badly I think. Excellent job William!

  12. Well...what TV I get to watch is pretty much all about someone turning up dead, and trying to figure out how and why. I like the words and the moral of your work. :) Have fun today William.

  13. Oh t.v. does so much to me. So shows I cry, laugh and learn from..

    Great poem and work as always..

  14. Wonderful poem my friend. I think I will stick with my other half 38 more years. Yes, the green is most of the time not greener on the other side. Awesome!


  16. Sad and true words"
    "No one won, the lover or the wife"
    That old saying “ the grass is greener” . Great poem, I love how you get your ideas.
    Gerardine xx

  17. Oh man so many have made me think or more. Mostly ones like Extreme Home Makeover just doing on to others :)

  18. As always it is such a pleasure to read your blog William :)

  19. Oh yes..how true..too bad more dont see this before its too late...Im glad I have..! great poem..I had to read it a few times because it was very intriguing...Thanks William..

  20. Wow, what a insightful & touching poem! Like the 'painting' too! :-)


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