Friday, 30 April 2010


Sometimes you meet special people
who remain close by your side
they begin to be familiar
make you bust with pride.

You determine they are like family
reliable when needs are such
dependant ,honourable, passionate
who love you very much.

Day by day you see them
or hear from them by mail
there to give you guidance
support that will never fail.

I am talking about my friend Viola
she has been a friend for years
together we have shared many moments
filled with laughter and tears.

Threats of serious health issues
in the past have been touch and go
she has battled without any worries
and still our friendship would grow.

Like a friend you can depend on
Viola has been there all the time
a strong and powerful lady
still beautiful in her prime.

I class this lady as family
and her immediate family too
although we have never met in person
I know her through and through.

So today as we celebrate family
On Amy and Lori's meme
we celebrate a wonderful lady
a beautiful friend, a dream .

Today I dedicate my Family Friday poem to the lovely Viola, we have known each other well over ten years, some friendships do not last that long, I class Viola and her family as my family and she does the same, you are all getting to know Viola with her wonderful comments on all of your blogs, she is always positive, never lets you down, so I am sure you will agree she is the best...

Happy Family Friday Viola xxx

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  1. a great tribute to friendship and one in particular in viola. nicely done william. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi! William,

    So sweet of you to honour your wondeful friend with a dedication post, shows how much u value relations, im glad i reached this blog & im your follower....
    @ Viola...willaims words speaks volumes of ur hearts greatness... :)

  3. Billy,I am crying like a baby, and had to read this twice because I couldn't see through the tears. You are so sweet to write this beautiful poem about me. We are indeed family and you will still be part of my family even when the Lord calls me home. You will always be Jason's and Krystal's Uncle Billy and don't you ever forget that. Also Billy you know how my sister Ruth feels about you too. To her you are "The Man" she just dearly love you. I love you Billy. Thank you so much for this honor. You my amazing wonderful friend have a heart made of pure gold.

  4. What a truly BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE from a beautiful soul to another!
    Viola is a in a MILLION...
    You know what, William, you are what I used to say to people,
    people who comes with EXCELLENT KARMA...
    you attract GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF...
    I am truly BLESSED TO KNOW YOU!
    love you, Viola! love you, William!

  5. I have seen her in the blogging world. I need to go pay some visits. Thank you for being you and caring about us all. My Mom is better, so I am better. Have a fun day! :)

  6. Yes,
    She is the bestest!
    Lovely Viola,
    Passionate poem!
    perfect Family Friday Poem!

    extended love is very special!

  7. a great tribute to a great lady, well done William; your poem shows the importance of friends in one's life.well done sir.

  8. I will post within 2 hours.
    Thank you for the lasting encouragement and fun!

  9. I think this is so beautiful!! It is true, some people touch our hearts and stick at our side, especially when we most need it. It is a great thing to have friends/family like that.

  10. What a lovely tribute to a friend!

  11. a lovely ddedication to your friend :D its difficult to find good friends these days :) glad you have one :) wish you both a long lasting friendship :)


    amazing post for an amazing lady!

  13. She is truly a lovely woman, and I was glad to meet her via this blog a few weeks back.

    Hi Vi!!


  14. Oh what an amazing friend. That is so sweet. Thanks for sharing this. Have an amazing weekend.

  15. I know this is William's post, (I call him Bill) LOL but I want to take a second and say thank you for all the sweet and kind comments you said about me. I think all of you are simply awesome, and I am so bless to know you. If I don't know you then I hope I have a chance to meet you. Hi Jannie, I haven't forgotten you sweetie, I just haven't gotten any notice of you having a new post. Please send me one when you do. OK. That goes for all of you.

    Love and Prayer,

  16. @Viola
    It is ALL true dear, and looking at the comments I am not the only one who loves ya xxxx

  17. She is such a wonderful person and what a sweet tribute to her!We are all very lucky to know her! Thanks for being such a great friend to all of us Viola!


    week 16 perfect poet award,
    I will be gone until tomorrow afternoon...
    see you later.

  19. What an amazing post and tribute to her. She sounds like a wonderful lady!

  20. you are truly wonderful william.
    fabulous poem- a lovely tribute to an adored friend.
    with lots of affection,

  21. This is so sweet a tribute to Viola; she is a wonderful caring person. And so are you.
    Special words we all need to hear:
    “a strong and powerful lady
    still beautiful in her prime”

    Happy family day!
    Gerardine xx


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