Thursday, 1 April 2010


The danger of you being in this state
makes me weep with fear and sorrow
again you have been distressed outside
and likely it will happen tomorrow.

I asked you to seek medical advice
but you shrug your shoulders with contempt
uninterested in being asked to go
wallowing in your own torment.

We have never fulfilled the goal we had
when we met many years ago
at first we were happy, content
for many years in a row.

But now I need to detach from you
as I'm brought down to this state
if no one helps to resolve our woes
we will be meeting at the gates!

It is like living with two people, one I do not know
the other is dark and despairing
listening to you cry in the middle of the night
makes me feel cold and uncaring.

I will watch over you in your hour of need
care for you when your at a low ebb
but you need to agree to help yourself
and we both will escape the fine web.

This is a poem about people who suffer from split personality, this is from the partners point of view, when the other person cannot or will not recognize they have an issue,what they have to realize is, with help they can lead normal lives before they destroy everything they have or have built in the years.I  know someone similar to this poem and I am sure many of you will know someone too.

Do you know anyone who has suffered from this, how did they cope?


  1. Eek! Powerful stuff there, William!

  2. no i do not know anyone but it would be hard I bet. Have a great first day of April.

  3. excellent poem,
    I will link your post back in a minute,
    thank you!
    Happy Thursday!

  4. wow. crazy read william...i have never known anyone though i wonder if my personalities know each other...smiles. have a wonderful day!

  5. Oh dear... must be SO TOUGH.. cannot imagine..
    Love your take on it... very vivid images you painted .
    So well done!
    Happy Easter, William!

  6. Wow are spot on with this..I work with many with this captured its painful and often debilitating effects..on both the individual and the relational aspects...!

  7. I've had family and friends that were bipolar which is really close to having two personalities. It's terribly sad and terribly hard to deal with. Great poem always dear

  8. thank you for the instant feedback,
    have fun with your family members,
    Robin accepted the award, which is cool.

  9. Yes, I have known many with this problem. Excellent written Billy and with much emotions. Also I am leaving you a note to let you know Larry is in the hospital, they think it's his heart.

  10. Very strong poem. It is filled with the pain of not being able to help.
    "But now I need to detach from you as I'm brought down to this state if no one helps to resolve our woes we will be meeting at the gates!"

    Words needed to be said, I hope someone is helped from this poem.
    Gerardine xx

  11. Coming to terms with our personal reality is a hard one to conquer for many! Nice poem William. :)


    Pick one of your choice from the bottom three,
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Easter!
    Thank you for the invaluable contribution to Poets' Rally.

  13. So far none of my comments to BlogSpot people have gone through
    love it
    hugs to you

  14. I don't know anyone with this or maybe I never noticed but it's one of the most heartbreaking things to watch when it's on tv and I just can't imagine the hurt it brings

  15. Very true. Sometimes it kills a relationship if one of them is drowned in pain/misery and doesnot wants to come out of it-even when there is a way out.

  16. The care for such a person is heartbreaking, and I feel for both. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. It's beautifully composed and more relevant than you could ever imagine.

    I do know someone who suffers from MPD - but it's OK because she's in therapy and manages to keep it together most of the time.

    You've received a week 11 honorable mention - see my week 12 rally post to collect!


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