Monday, 19 April 2010


Once upon a time
in a land far away
there lived a beautiful girl
who got lost along the way.

She roamed and roamed the countryside
searching for her home
she happened on a cottage
thus ending for now her roam

The cottage was dark and dreary
the curtians shut tight
she pulled with all her strength
to let in some daylight.

When she finally opened them
the air was thick with dust
had no one had been living here?
the air was full of must.

Her eyes were getting heavy
she desperatley needed sleep
she found some beds in a room
and decided to do a leap.

The first bed she tried was far too large
the second was lumpy and tall
but the third one fitted very nicely
even though it appeared so small.

The girl had slept for ages
her tummy was rumbling bad
it had been ages since she ate
her hunger was driving her mad.

She arose up from the bed
stetched her arms out high
satisfied with the sleep she had
she searched for food to try.

The house was now in darkness
as she fumbled for a light
she found some loose candles
to brighten up the night.

To her surprise she saw some bowls
laying on a clothed table
was she dreaming? she wiped her eyes
no her vision was stable.

The steam came out of the bowls
whatever it was it smelled good
she did not care what it was
as long as it was food.

The first bowl she tried was far too hot
the second was far too sweet
but the third bowl of food was just right
and went down like a treat.

She ate all the food in the bowl
and wiped her moistened eyes
she was wondering how the food got there
her thoughts interupted with suprise.

Voices came from the little room
one strong one medium one soft
the girl started to panic
and headed for the loft.

In the background the first voice said
"someones been sleeping in my bed"
then another voice slightly sqeakier said
and in mine too Fred!

The last voice was so soft and quiet
the girl could not make it out
"someones also slept in my bed"
whats this all about?

Then she heard some footsteps
as they all headed to the table
again the rougher voice sounding loud
said"someone has used this ladle"

The squeakier voice said hysterically
someone has been eating my food
the rougher voice in a rage
said "and mine this isn't good"

The younger voice said crying
someone has ATE my dinner
he looked at his paw with sadness
knowing he wasn't the winner.

The threesome did a search of the house
and eventually they entered the loft
they found the girl shivering badly
trying to speak in a voice so soft.

The next thing they knew the girl had ran
terrified at what she had saw
the younger of the family said
was she the one who ate my supper Paw?

The girl eventually found her way home
no one believed her story
never again did she venture away
not for love or glory.

Guess the movie 7, lol This one is for AMY, she said she doesn't have time to watch movies for the wee one, I agree, so I have written this poem especially for her type of viewing, I am sure everyone will get this, please have a go, no matter how silly you think it is, for a child its the best thing since sliced bread lol.

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  1. snow white and the dwarves , I guess.well done william.I've become addicted to your great poems sir.

  2. Ahhhh..yes Goldilocks and the three first I thought it was Little Red Riding Hood....What a telent you have...this is perfection..!

  3. awe thanks Robin, and well done, this is for Amy as she never gets a chance to watch movies lol xx

  4. awe very close friend and thank you, thats really nice..

  5. Goldilocks and the Three Bears! I used to love that story! Excellent poem!

  6. Oh I know this one for sure.. At first I thought it may be Snow White but as I read more it was not it was Goldilocks and the three bears.. Yeah I finally got one of your movies.. I was so happy I think I got it Right.. Have an amazing day.. Thanks..

  7. Got to be goldilocks lol!! Nice one Billy!!

  8. ok, obviously a rendition of goldilocks...but is it the Flinstones version? the fred threw me off lol. nice one william!


  10. lol well done Karen xx

  11. Little Red Riding Hood! That is my answer and I am sticking to it. LOL I read this story so many times over the year teaching preschool, my children, and now my grandkids. We love that movie too.

  12. Little Goldilocks! That is my answer and I am sticking to it. LOL I read this story so many times over the year teaching preschool, my children, and now my grandkids. We love that movie too.

  13. wow, finally you have something I know,

    Goldilocks and the three bears

    I used to read this story to my kids repeatedly,
    three different sized bowls,

    cool post!


    hope that you enjoy them!

  15. that is such a cute poem on the three bears :D
    loved it :D

  16. My dearest William,
    So sorry for being late. I was attempting to write something and lost track of time.
    I love how the story gets so much BETTER THE WAY YOU TELL IT!
    love it! love you!

  17. Yeah I finally got one.. I am so happy..



  18. lol well done Amy xx

  19. awe thanks babe xx

  20. thanks Jingle xxx

  21. hehehe superb xx

  22. well done Vi xxx ur the tops xx

  23. This has got to be the very BEST way that this story has been told. I loved following it and pretending I was in it. :) Have a fun week William.

  24. awe thanks dear xxx

  25. Hi William, Thanx for the blog promotion, I'll ever remain grateful.... I'll kindly need you to do a little correction for me, the name is EDIOMO not EDIMIO....thanks a million.

  26. oops sorry friend ,will change..:)

  27. that reminds me of Snow white and the seven dwarfs.....:) I enjoyed it...!

  28. thanks Sandra, nice to see you :)

  29. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I love your poem!
    My favorite lines:
    "The girl eventually found her way home no one believed her story never again did she venture away not for love or glory."
    loved this!! Gerardine xxx

  30. LOL I so know how Amy can feel, why I watch DVD's LATE at night while I'm updating and reading blogs ... lol :). Goldie Locks & 3 bears! You know I don't think the boys have seen this one ... lol

  31. i have read the story but have forgotten the name, three bears and a small girl. :)

    smart girl, small children should not wander alone.

  32. dear william,
    i tried for thirty minutes to post comment. i guess i will have to get a little naughty from now on, from now on i will post all my comments on the first one which will gracefully be accessible to me.

    views from my window:
    just loved this poem and the picture which you have added.

    with lots of love.

  33. William I try to comment on your latest post but the button does not work?

    anyways, I have decided and created something new for all my awards from you all, as I do really appreciate all your kinship.
    Want to take a look?
    My blessings of Kinship
    Tell me what you think?

  34. dear william,
    tried to post a comment in your latest poem about nightmares, the button did not worked :(

    beautiful poem, your way of writing is so lovely. i too used to have very powerful nightmares, just wont let me wake up type.

    with lots of love.


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