Wednesday, 7 April 2010

DAILY POEM "MUMS FIRST WASHER" going back in time :)


It was no beauty a square of metal
designed for what it could do
it replaced the hand washing effort
less work and more time for you.

The noise was like an aircraft landing
the machine would vibrate in the house
insects would pack their suitcase for good
and out would go the old mouse.

The washing took almost four hours
especially when doing the whites
it couldn't be left unsupervised
because it drowned out the lights.

The wringer consisted of two rollers of rubber
designed to take away excess water
flat as a pancake and ready to hang
in the green with mum and her daughter.

The best thing invented since sliced bread
was what our mum would say
it helped to take away the labour of washing
done in our house most of the day.

When you are of a certain age you take things for granted, imagine what it was like in the days when things as simple as a washing machine wasnt as fancy as nowadays however it still did the trick, harder work but still served its purpose, this is part of the going back in time series, may be interesting to the younger folks.

Do you remember your first washer or your  moms??


  1. Good morning Sir William I'm an early riser this morning.That washing machine brings back so many happy memories and funny ones,like the day my arm got caught in the wringers. Your imagination is always on point! Wonderful poem Sir William.
    Luv ya and have a wonderful day. :)

  2. washing machine is cool tool at home,
    I enjoy using it.

    beautiful post!

  3. we used to have an old scrub board that hung in the garage...this stirs reminiscence of a simpler time...have we really progressed...

  4. MOM had one just like that too -- yes 4 hours. And I enver got my arm (or leg stuck in it, thank God!)

    I am so grateful for my automatic washer and dryer!!!


  5. I love this poem Billy, it reminds me of my younger days.


    the most fabulous poet award,
    the most curious poet award,
    Happy Wednesday!
    Have fun with your family!

  7. I remember it well. It was always breaking down, and my mom still had to wash hand. We got the chore of hanging the clothes out to dry. No dryers for us...till way later! :)

  8. Me got awards and dedication for you!
    Hope you likey!
    SPRING Award Part One
    SPRING Award Part Two

  9. Oh no ..we had to use the laundromat..but that was ok.. I love how you find the topics or themes to write about..that is a talent in itself..dont you think...?.you seem to have an endless and boundless energy..that can take any subject and make it beautiful...Wonderful..!!EnJoY YoUr DaY..!

  10. Hey Billy!! I remember taking all our washing to the laundrette pmsl! Thought I'd breeze by and say hi, I'm buried under six foot of reading! <3 you!

  11. @doubtfulpoet
    thank you ALL for your kind comments , welcome back Beth xx

  12. William..I have an award for you on my blog..You Make My Day..! Thank You..!

  13. William ..I have an award for you You Make My Day..over on my blog..thank You..!!

  14. Yeah she taught me how to use it at 11 so I could learn to wash my clothes and now I am still washing clothes..

    Fun post..

    Have a great day..

  15. This brought back memories. I can still remember my mother washing clothes in a tub and putting them through the mangle - later, heating up her 2 irons on the range.
    You'll find mine here.

  16. My mother had one of these. She loved it. Wasn’t the first one ‘people powered’? You had to turn a crank to make the wash rotate in the drum?? I wish I had a hand ringer just incase my washer gives out. So many things are taken for granted. I wonder what would happen if the electricity went out for months! How many people would be in the dark about how to do simple things like a load of wash?
    I can see that old washer jumping around in the corner and the mouse running for cover.LOL!

    "The noise was like an aircraft landing
    the machine would vibrate in the house
    insects would pack their suitcase for good
    and out would go the old mouse."

    Gerardine xxx

  17. dear william,
    i have tried to post a comment in your blog for more than fifteen minutes last night. but failed. blogspot is driving me crazy. :) :)

    I have earlier posted you a comment sharing the awards i wanted to share with you. i believe it has not been displayed in your blog.

    i will repost it in my blog. please do check your spam folder if it is there, or else please share the awards with me and make me very happy.

    this one is specially made for you special persons who are wonderful, caring friends.

    with lots of affection,

  18. beautiful post. :)

    with lots of affection.

  19. LOL I love the insects leaving part! Too funny :)

  20. Oh man I remember mine, it took me a lot of saving up to buy it. I made weekly payments to buy it, got a killer deal but it was all mine :). It last for several years, we had to replace it about 3 years ago. I agree we take for grant many things!


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