Thursday, 29 April 2010


The sirens grow louder
as the Ambulance arrives
can he be saved 
in a World were one thrives?

He knew he was ready
his calling was told
for a man in his eighties
he was very bold.

The lights going out
as he slides down below
the noise doesn't disturb him
he can no longer grow.

Tubes and masks take over his face
as the paramedics fight for his life
thumping and beating upon his chest
as some neighbours comfort his wife.

He slips further back in a trance
as he briefly recalls his past
remembering the good times, happy and sad
and a large family he amassed.

Married for years exactly fifty
he managed a smile on his face
he dearly loved his wife and family
learning to give them their space.

His son was near he sensed him there
powerless to open his eyes
not feeling what was happening to him
or hearing the crying or sighs.

Content with his lot, he knew it was time
to leave this aged shell
satisfied he had done all he could
in the next life time would tell.

He slipped into a coma, that was that
the paramedics did all they could
the last thing he heard was his son
saying to him "dad be good"

It is tragic when someone passes away, it takes a long time to get over the loss, I like probably a lot of you have experienced this scenario with a loved one or even a friend, for them its a release, especially when they are suffering or could suffer in a short space of time. We all hope, some believe some don't, that we go to a better place, no one has died and came back to tell us yet, but there are believe. Do not read this as a morbid poem, rather read it as being in that situation, being close to someone who has passed on, and be cheerful for them they may be in a better place.

Have you experienced this?

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  1. Very nice poem.
    I was with my late Dad and Grandpa when they passed on.
    Was a real HONOR to be by their sides.

  2. yes, i am all too familiar with teh cold touch of death...and there is reflief at times in where they are going...and perhaps sadness we can not. yet.

  3. oh and thank you for changing back to regular is so much easier...smiles.

  4. Great post.
    I love short stories and poems keep up the good work. And because of that good work your doing I have nominated you for the poet/short story award. Click on the link below to see your name and other nominees.


  5. Good Morning, William:

    thank you for the skillfully written poem,
    it reminds me of my own grandmother, I felt much loss and pain whenever thinking about her, she lived to 83 years old, she keeps working and was very healthy, but one day, a t-storm was coming, she rushed outdoor to collect some wheats drying under the sun, another lady who was riding a bike rushing home to save her stuff hit my grandmother and, she could not walk any more...I dreamed about going home, buying her treats and gifts to cheer her up...
    But I graduated and was working a Beijing full time job, I could not go back to my hometown to take care of her...I sent money home asking my parents to buy her favorite foods and more...but eventually her health dropped and died after two years of suffering...

    thank you for the beautiful poem!

  6. Hello,

    About 6 years ago, I also knew a guy in my working place, he was a ghost during Halloween party, two days later, his car slipped while driving on icy roads on his way to work because he lived a few miles away out of the town...I have had a shocking feelings at the moment hearing about the news, he went into coma and never wake up...

    life is unpredictable at times, tragedy happens every day everywhere...

    Best wishes for you!
    I enjoyed your handsome wriiting!

  7. I marvel at your ability in bringing important themes in your post.
    you always write perfect poems...
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and concerns for others with us.
    Happy Thursday!

  8. I watched 4 of my brothers suffer with cancer before they died. When I prayed I asked God if it was not in His plans to heal them to please not let them suffer any longer. God answered my prayers, and peace came over me knowing that they were no longer in pain. The same with my mother, I felt peace when I was told she had gone on. There is life after death, and it is up to each of us as to where we spend eternity. Heaven or Hell. How do I know, "The Bible Tells Me So" and I do believe every word written in it is true. Billy this poem is sad, but you have touched on a subject that we can't run from. As always it is an excellent poem.

  9. Short and yet poignant-- I enjoyed reading!

  10. That was so sad William. You wrote it beautifully.

  11. I feel the sadness of those left behind and a sigh from the old man.
    "He slips further back in a trance
    as he briefly recalls his past
    remembering the good times, happy and sad
    and a large family he amassed"

    I hope you are doing well with your new job, I hope you are happy! I love your poems so filled with life.
    Gerardine xx

  12. Hey! That was something that pierced into my heart,
    as u said the feel was so much into me, maybe the missed ones thoughts are still wide alive in my mind, i could relate to it, rather feel the pain in its depth........
    excellent theme sir......

  13. very touching post. When my grandpa Peter was getting really sick at the end of his Cancer. It was so hard to see him he was so frail. I am glad I went and so him the day I did because after that he had went on his way. Death is hard and scary..

    Have a great day.. I am glad I can comment now..

  14. You are brilliant with this poem in empathizing with many of us...including me. :) I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Thank you for your support. My Mom is better. :)


    more awards,
    Happy Friday!

  16. It's a great poem, reminds me of the people that have gone. The memories of them brought a smile to my fast.

  17. william, its so beautiful and touching.


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