Monday, 5 April 2010


Times were very tough
it wasn't the best place to be
crime needed to be punished
the World had to see.

Three weeks of hard sailing
we arrived in this disgrace
dirty and in squalor
was this hell like place.

Twenty years for murder
but how did I end up here
Prisoners were transported
haggard and full of fear.

The place was alive with disease
many men died in droves
some humbled and naked
others with their clothes.

Planning escapes daily
paying people for odds and ends
putting your fate in their hands
on stranger yours life depends.

The boat was supposed to be ready
we paid plenty of money for it
it was just a matter of breaking out
and heading for the skit.

Plans are set and sometimes work
but traitors cannot be gagged
three men all ready and willing
the escape almost bagged.

At the meeting place
the boat is nowhere to be seen
a trap is laid and waiting
now we are not so keen.

Caught and facing another five years
for attempting to get away free
it goes to show crime doesn't pay
its how it is meant to be .

Guess the movie time again friends, now this is a classic, I am sure EVERYONE is going to get this, there are plenty of clues in the poem, go on give it a try, answers will be posted before I retire for the night, good luck..


  1. At first I thought Shawshank redemption..but No its Escape from Alcatraz..and I loooove this game...poem, and guess the should make a weekly Meme out of it..I would Play...I want to try to make one..would that be OK...This is Grrreat.....!

  2. @Robin

    awe thanks Robin, by all means have a go, you are VERY close with your guess dear, but its not any of those movies, please have another go xxx

  3. ack. she took my base mind was all over the place from Amistad to man in the iron mask...wracking my brain on classics...will be back with further thoughts. happy monday william!

  4. Wow it's soooo familiar but I just can't think of it! Happy Monday William. I hope you had a nice Easter :)

  5. Well, I didn't know the movie, but I loved the poem!

  6. I know this one and I don't watch much TV but I remember watching this with Larry because it was about a true story. It is no other than "Devil's Island."

  7. @Viola
    awe vi, u are sooooooooooo close but sorry xxx its not :)

  8. Heyyyy Sir William!!!! I'm really really well today and it's been a long time since I have felt this good!!!! I don't know the movie,but it sure bring memories racing through my mind of my nephew,who wasn't out of prison 8 months before going back to one of those hell holes!! A real shame but it's true CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!! Have a real good day Sir William Love you :) :)

  9. Oh man I'm horrible at these type of movies those are Ricks favorite! GREAT poem! All I can think of is the TV show Prison Break. ugh

  10. Your poem is way better than the movie...especially since I have not figured it out ....yet! I also thought Escapr from Alcatrez....... Midnight Express?????

  11. Not sure..

    What a fun post to bring back a movie thought...

    I hope you have a great evening.. I really do love the new lap top for sure..

  12. @Luisa Doraz

    awe Luisa how nice was that xxx, Amy, Pat THANK YOU,

    sorry folks, no one got the correct answer, someone will get it, although u have ALL been so darn near :O

  13. Haven't a clue which movie it is, maybe a Bogart film? Looks like everyone is having fun.

    I am just teasing you about the haiku, I hope you know that. I am hoping to gear up to rhymed and other forms soon, especially the sonnet. Thanks for your support and good humor.

  14. Hello,
    i came to see who got the correct movie,
    it seems like you are the only one who knows it,
    let me know after you post the correct name!

    I watched Harry Potter, Spy Kids II, some kids' movie, no unrated movies for me...

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Collect your award William:

  16. I am stuck I can only think of Con Air , but there are so many prison break movies..

    Love those first few lines;

    "Times were very tough
    it wasn't the best place to be
    crime needed to be punished
    the World had to see."
    Gerardine xxx

  17. this one is too good william.

    i feel pity for people who are jailed for long period :(

    its such a sad waste of human life.


    Keep smiling,
    you rock!
    I am glad that you participated in the last minute.
    best wishes!


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