Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The Cottage was like a dream
beautiful inside and out
perfect for the work he had to do
no more going without.

Moving to England was right
as they unpacked the cases and laughed
seeing the pictures on the brochure
was fun to view in draft.

The workmen had started the renovations
making a garage and shed
they did work hard at the beginning
knowing they would be fed.

At first the scene was ideallic
beauty was around them indeed
sweet smelling scent of summer flowers
sheep of every breed.

The Workmen started slowing
one of the guys was weird
he stared at his wife for hours
suddenly she feared.

The Village was as scary as the folks
as if it was left standing in time
the inn was full of vagabonds
drenched in booze and crime.

There was a crack in the couples relationship
strained by the man engrossed in toil
tempers flared almost daily
very nearly coming to the boil.

As time went on things got worse
the couple lived in fear
they were not really aware of why
no one made it clear.

The wife wanted the workmen out
she was scared but so was he
he did not want the confrontation
four against one you see.

He finally had a chat with them
his wife watched in fear from the side
but he was tactically afraid of them
something to do with his pride!

The men did not care about them
they were out to terrorize the pair
no one could have stopped them
only the brave would dare.

Then it all finally came to a head
after seven deaths or more
the couple did survive the ordeal
and scarpered out the door.

Guess the movie time again folks, It seems  a few of you are finding these too easy lol, well I think this is easy too, but then I wrote it lol, so good luck, same rules apply, correct entires will be posted before the end of the night my time.

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  1. i definitely need to start watching more movies...The Village?

  2. I don't know about this one...Black sheep lol

  3. well penned , as usual.

  4. Nice poem. I was tempted to guess "The Quiet Man", but I suspect that's the wrong island nation. And it's certainly not "Howards End." "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" is way off. By the poetry alone, I might have gone with "Gunga Din", but, of course, that would be absurd. "Village of the Damned" was a contender based on subject matter. My final guess is "The Cottage".

  5. okay William as you know I am not much a movie buff. So of course I have no guess. I have no idea.. Sorry I spend my time watching Disney movies with my little one, or love stories.. But wait watch a movie uh I have a hard time doing that with a little one running around..

    Happy Wednesday...

  6. thanks friends for your time guessing the movie, alas it is NOT the Cottage :)

  7. I have to admit I don't watch many movies but I am terrible remembering the name of the ones I have watched. I really can't to the life of me remember seeing a movie that would come close to your poem my best friend. Sorry!

  8. guess a movie poem again,
    Glad that you find such a fancy game to play!

    outstanding post!


    trisha give so many awards,
    you may already have them,
    but again,
    I share with you.
    Happy Wednesday!
    You Rock!

  10. This is a great poem, William. You have a very rare talent of being able to tell a story in a poem.

    CJ xx

  11. One day I am going to get it right.... lol :) I love the poems you write for all of these William. My guess.....The Ghoul?????

  12. thank you friends for having a go, alas NO ONE got todays movie, so I will leave it open like the others, I do appreciate u all trying, u make my day :)

  13. Nicely done. I watch a lot of movies but can't get it, though.

  14. I thought the Village Like Brian...guess not huh..but the poem is fantastic..!great game...

  15. Very well penned poem :)

    Marinela x

  16. very wonderfully written. have not seen the movie :) so no guesses....

  17. I am stuck! I love the poem it pulls me in and makes me want to find the movie and watch it. Guess I'll have to wait and see..
    Love this:
    "There was a crack in the couples relationship
    strained by the man engrossed in toil
    tempers flared almost daily
    very nearly coming to the boil"
    Gerardine xxx

  18. As always great poem, but darn I'm so clueless again. It does sound like a book I just read Lumpy Lines :)


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