Friday, 9 April 2010


Fly high little one
it's time to go on your own
time to see the world out there
now that you have grown.

Make mistakes try out life
your bound to fall on your face
try to live a happy life
and never fall from grace.

Treat all people
as you treat yourself
respect costs nothing to you
help the unfortunate heal the sick
comfort friends who are blue.

Remember your family here at home
when times get distraught and hard
always know your parents are here
to serve you the winning card.

The nest is dismantled apron strings cut
you need to find yourself
the storms of life will blow on you
knock you from the shelf.

Fulfil your goal little one
success is waiting out there
all you need is a little love
on a wing and a prayer.

What we as parents see when our kids leave and go on their own, the way we feel as parents, the fear we have, the hope that our kids will take something away from home we taught them, its a sad time, but they cannot live under your wing forever.

How did you feel when your kids left? how do you think your parents felt?


  1. What a beautiful poem. As a parent, I walk that fine line with my kids between letting them learn and me doing things for them. I know that when the time comes for them to leave the nest, that I will be the one struggling to keep them close. You have such an amazing gift, thanks for sharing with us every week!


  2. Oh wow Love this one!! The last part is my favorite! LOL I think my mom was grateful I was gone, my dad I know for a fact was hurt and didn't speak to me for a while.

    Oh man I don't even want to think about the boys leaving. I know some days they drive me nuts but love them ... lol

  3. very nice post today,
    I used to watch the the bird in the nest, listen to song...are you my mother? a story about a baby bird who looks for his mother...

    it is very interesting that birds and human share this in common,
    when it is time, separation occur!

  4. You got that right Billy, however my Donna, I just can't pay her to leave home, and my grandkids wouldn't let her leave anyways. LOL Just teasing. This is a true and beautiful poem. By the way I posted today. Had to type in though.

  5. Hi William...

    I have tried to leave a comment several times with no luck! I will try again!
    I plan on keeping both of my boys home...forever! I will keep cooking them all of the good food they like! l;ol :) It will be sooo hard, but one day...they will be on their own. :) Have a Happy Weekend. :)

  6. Hi friends as always THANK YOU for your kind comments, sorry u had problems with the comments I have repaired it now and its nice to see the ones who had the problems coming back, u mean the world to me :)

  7. I am going to try and see if this posts then I will write my post..

  8. I have never really never felt left out with my family.. My brother was pretty wild so he went to live with my grandfather for awhile so I was by myself during my teen years.. I hope be a great Mom to my children when ever we add.. Thanks for taking the time to link up.. I hope you have a wonderful weekend..

  9. Yeah I can now leave messages again..

  10. luckilly i have several more years before i have to see my boys off. in the mean time i have lots to do to make sure they are ready. hope you have a wonderful weekend william!

  11. Very nice, my favorite verse was definitely:

    The nest is dismantled apron strings cut
    you need to find yourself
    the storms of life will blow on you
    knock you from the shelf.


  12. Thank you for the encouraging words in my blog,
    it is difficult to please everyone,
    it is hard to make awards that everyone loves.
    but one thing is for sure,
    I recognize YOU the best reader of Jingle in history...
    thank you for the patience, kindness, and cool attitude.
    Best wishes!

  13. My mother always told us, that as soon as we turn eighteen we were on our own. I took her for her word. At eighteen I traveled by car, to California with a boyfriend. She sent me money and called out the National Guard.
    When my daughter did the same thing I freaked:-) I’m very proud of her.

    Wonderful words:

    “Fulfil your goal little one
    success is waiting out there
    all you need is a little love
    on a wing and a prayer.”

    This is a wonderful poem that should be given to all parents when their children leave the nest.
    Gerardine xx


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