Thursday, 8 April 2010


Grandma sits in her rocking chair
reminiscing on olden days
grandpa sits with his pipe alit
remembering his old dance craze.

The days of dance were a time of joy
for the young that was their life
besides working hard 5 days a week
you got ready and took out your wife.

Saturday night at the old dance hall
was a highlight of everyone's week
grabbing your partner dancing the two step
amid the smoke and the reek.

The band were amazing the dancers alive
doing the jive using all of the floor
watching the older ones enjoying the dance
while the kids watched at the hall door.

The end of the night the dance slowed down
guys clutching their girls so tight
everyone enjoyed the dance hall days
and rarely was there a fight.

Getting ready to go home at twelve oclock
getting a supper to end a great night
a kiss on the cheek and then a goodnight
and a hug with all your might.

Content and happy grandpa and his girl
remebered the old dance days
they wouldnt change a thing back then
it was entertainment and not just a phase.

Again going back in time, to the days of your Gran and Grandpa, when they would have enjoyed dancin, can you imagine what it must have been like, you remember when you go clubbing, picture what it must have been like in those days.

Did your mom and dad dance ? or your grandparents? can you remember them dancing?


  1. dear william,
    this is so soft and beautiful. loved it.
    with lots of love.

  2. sigh. a great reminiscence in your wife a dancer, i will one day be a grandpa sharing my own...nicely done william. smiles.

  3. as always, i am a fan of your poems, william... :) you are so dedicated to poetry... :)

  4. no, my family members don't dance,
    they live in farm,
    I am the first having college degree, I did dance in college but not a fan...

    Happy Poem!
    I smiled while reading it.

  5. Oh yea Sir William,my Mom was a big dancer she loved to dance,don't ever remember Dad cutting the rug! Good poem I really enjoyed it.
    Love ya

  6. My parents and grandparents did the one, two, turn, one, two, turn dance if they danced at all. I LOVE to dance though!

  7. My parent's have danced at wedding together. My Grandma and Grandpa use to square dance when they were younger..

    Happy Thursday...
    Tomorrow is my Round Robin and Family Fridays..

  8. You got me to get up and dance! Italians love to dance. I remember all of the family "doing their thing! " Have fun today! :)

  9. Oh I so did enjoy reading this poem Billy, it danced me right through each lines. Brought back memories of my days going to the barn dances. Awesome job you did here.

  10. What a seriously cool poem! Transported me to a time I never got to experience!

  11. thanks a lot friends, very kind :)

  12. Mom use to dance with me and my girlfriend, come on Chac Con ... LOL Dad now he's not a dancer mom said he danced like he had popcorn pop in his pants :). Grandma use to dance not so sure about grandpa, I'd love to imagine they did :)

  13. When I moved out here, I would go to the local watering hole on Friday nights after work, and watch an older couple dance and laugh. They were in their 90's and dancing up a storm. So much fun to watch!
    My parents and grandparents would talk about their dancing night out.
    Your words are full of life and fun!

    "The band were amazing the dancers alive
    doing the jive using all of the floor
    watching the older ones enjoying the dance
    while the kids watched at the hall door"

    Gerardine xx


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