Sunday, 11 April 2010


To people who get so engrossed with the box

Home from work, put the kettle on
It's time to relax and frown upon
the square of light a means of escape
to see a man fly, with a funny red cape.

He saves the world, chases the bad
is it her brother?no it's her dad!
laughter, tears, fictional emotion
escaping reality in a whimsical notion.

Soaps, drama's, movies too
glued to the box no time for the lou
will he live?does she die!
is it a human?no it's a fly!

kidnapped by aliens, fighting a war
what is the purpose, who is it for?
stuck in a world of frantic array
actors and cartoons, models in clay.

Your own little world, no one dare enter
the sofa, this room, is your worldly centre
no means to an end it goes on and on
from the start of the evening, till the dot has gone.

Do you love TV? or Can't you stand it? what other forms of relaxation do you have apart from TV?


  1. LOL. Poor superheros and their underwears!
    Very well done, William!
    I have not meant a coach potato, so far. Lucky me!
    You having a great Sunday with the family?

  2. we actually dont get cable or satelite...we do keep a tv just to watch movies on. its 10 inches and sits nicely on the bar. havent had it in several year. sometimes i miss it. but not really.

  3. used to watch TV, but I banned it in recent year.
    thank you for the excellent question.

  4. Oww Billy!! Can you believe it I'm the first to comment today!! I'm indoors with my music on too loud hiding from sunburn!! Ah well!! Loved the poem! How's you!?


  5. I love my computer because it is the only way I have to stay in touch with you, Billy, and my Family from BWOP and all my wonderful and awesome new friends on the blogs. Let's face it, you simply cannot get from a Television Set what you can from a computer. I know God will heal my eyes so I won't go blind and have to give up the computer completely. Although it is getting harder for me to see, I am standing in agreement with His word for my healing. Until then I will not give up until I can't see, type, or read anymore. Does that tell you how much I love you guys?

  6. I love to read, blog, garden, or shop..

    have a wonderful day..

  7. This is a great poem for my hubby. He is married to the TV and I see very little of it! lol :) Have a great week laughing.

  8. your comments are super sweet, I am NOT that perfect or beautiful, but I smile when people such as you give positive compliments and encouragements.
    Happy Sunday!

  9. thanks a lot friends, glad u liked this piece of fun, have a great day :)

  10. I am a tv addict!!! I can't help it, luv it!!!

  11. William:

    are you going to nominate up to 15 poet?
    the deadline is within 6 hours,
    let me know if you do,
    otherwise, it is fine!
    I am cool with any decision you make.
    thank you in advance.

  12. Indeed! Funnies from the magic box.

    I think I'd like a good book better...

    Come visit for your AWARD :) (it's a bit late)

  13. i love my TV, but I love my PC more... hehehe... everytime I get home, I turn it on right away... :)

  14. What a great post! So need a little laugh :)

  15. well, ahem, i am almost glued to my computer

  16. What a fun post, I love the pictures!! The cartoon, "I love my computer because my friends are in it!" So sweet!

    My favorite part:

    "Your own little world, no one dare enter
    the sofa, this room, is your worldly centre
    no means to an end it goes on and on
    from the start of the evening, till the dot has gone."

    That dot never leaves the screen anymore. I pass out first. I have to admit, I love my shows!
    Gerardine xx


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