Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Toiling in a sea of despiar
bitterness enthroned
feelings of rejection
left hanging
by a thread.
backing up into an 
empty shell
were once was love.
Destiny hopeless
future non existent
no prize
at the end 
of a colorless rainbow.
Could we be saved?
in this artificial World
were man makes sure
he destroys all goodness
around him.
Greed, disrespect, hate
three words
joined in ecstacy
of power.
Coccooned in a wasted
promiscuous life
were happiness 
once roamed 
in Angelic form.
wake up, wake up
the dulcit tones 
of another day
facing reality
once more.

Have you ever been gripped in a nightmare that you cannot waken up from? Nightmares fascinates me, you are totally embroiled in a weird world, some things are familiar, some things are not, the above poem is being trapped in a nightmare, then finally woken up..

Have you ever experienced this?

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