Saturday, 24 April 2010


It stands tall and proud
magnificent in beauty
colorful spectacle
doing its duty.

Flowers pink and white
growing in groups
aroma empowers
gathered in loops.

Spring grown blooms
alive and healthy
enriching your eyes
making them heathy.

No hand needed to tend it
it grows for our pleasure
this common of trees
is a worldwide treasure.

The heat keeps it blooming
if the wind is at bay
the flowers will grow
and on branches will stay.

When its time to rest
the blooms will fade
millions of tiny petals
with colors of jade.

Sweeping through the streets
like confetti being thrown
this tree is magical
thats why it is grown.

For weeks and weeks
the petals still fly
and when it finally bares
its time for goodbye.

Rest up natures beauty
be ready for next year
I will miss your color
hurry back to here.

Mary from Carepathways had a picture of a beautiful Cherry blossom tree sent to her by a friend, it was beautiful, so in my wisdom I decided to write a poem about this magnificent beauty, I took this picture of a cherry blossom tree outside my home for all to see in full bloom.

Do you have any nice flowering trees growing where u live?

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