Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I love coming to your blog
the reading is always exciting
but when it comes to commenting
my nails are flawed by biting.

The posts are superbly done
all different with each new day
the World has a lot to offer
folks have so much to say.

Part of being a good blog friend
is visiting whenever you can
sometimes this isnt possible
as are all good things you plan.

You get used to your readers
enjoy what they have to say
sometimes you get sad when they cannot show
religously each day.

But then you get a visit
and they catch up on your posts
thats what you call reliable readers
not internet ghosts!

It is not the end of the World
if a reader doesnt appear
don't get upset or angry
they are somewhere maybe not here.

Things that do annoy you
are when people take it to heart
remember this is a sharing World
and friends may be apart.

When you comment on a poster
be kind try not to upset
people don't appreciate badness
or horrible comments they get.

If you cannot be kind don't comment
pass by and visit another
who knows who is posting today
it could be a friend or your Mother.

The blog is like a newspaper
only its more personal to YOU
people spill their daily lives
even when they are sad or blue.

I use my blog to spread my work
bring poetry and stories to life
not write of things that will upset
cause animosity or strife.

The only thing I can complain about
is word verification, its a pain
if I am not getting the word wrong
its a pain in my eyes, a strain.

I have been reading a lot lately on some blogs about people complaining of bad comments going on their blogs and also people not visiting them, I think there is some validity in the fact if u are good enough to visit a blog and take time to comment on other peoples work, then they should have the graciousness to return the compliment and visit YOU, however if they don;t then its not the end of the World, move on, as for the bad comments, my opinion is ALWAYS moderate them, that way they do not go on your site without YOU reading them first, the very best way to feel comfortable of getting decent comments.
Lets keep our community HAPPY, if I do not like a post, or have views which would maybe upset the poster, then through experience I just miss that post and carry on to another, that is the choice we have.

Do YOU agree with the above? what is YOUR thoughts :)


  1. What a RELEVANT , HONEST and WISE post, William!
    You are so right,you know how silly I am with my memes. I am able to be someone else when I do it.. kind of like a riot for me.LOL.

    Initially, I DO visit EVERYONE ,leaving more than just a HI ,then I was picked on for SPAMMING... lol.. but you know what? You are so right, NOWADAYS, I just do WHATEVER I enjoyed doing and sharing with MY FRIENDS and readers. If those I visit , do not visit me back, I try to ignore but then.. I am not perfect too, so I do forgive.. we are only human , right?

    You have a great evening, William.

    I have been ok except not being able to sleep. You know how it is having a sick child.


  2. i always comment when i visit...like my trail of bread crumbs. smiles. hateful coments are just not right though.

    glad to have found you william!

  3. Dear William: The poem is amazingly sensitive and plainly right on! The beauty in your work is like the rose, a thing of such simple beauty yet most profound. Edinburgh sounds like a lovely town. Robbie Burns is from Scotland! Keep up your poetry writing bright tiger!

  4. Yes ..I agree...it can happen anytime, that we see a post that may offend or trigger some negative emotion...then move on...why not...??..I also see a lot of drama around lately...it really doesnt surprise me..but I am still a little inquisitive about the nature of such childlike behavior...and what about the ones who leave bad comment anonymously...that is another issue all together...as always, great and interesting verse..Im Glad I met you William..!

  5. I believe that it is not absolutely necessary to comment on every blog that visits you, because there is always a chance that you may not be interested in their topic of choice. For example, a lot of my friends have blogs about parenting. I cannot force myself to try to make a comment on a blog that doesn't help me or that I can't relate to. I try my best but ultimately, I have no interest in potty training/teaching kids to tell the time/what food they can eat at which stage in their infancy. But the writers of the blog may still have an interest in that I do. I always visit blogs who visit me, but there isn't always something I feel I can add :S

    But I would NEVER write something mean. I agree, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything *lol*

  6. @Sh@KiR@ CK

    AWE thanks Shakira, hope the wee one gets better soon xx

  7. @Robin
    awe Robin you are very sweet, thanks glad I met you too xx

  8. @atimetoshine
    Absolutley SPOT on, thank you Ishbelle, very wise words :)

  9. what a true post for sure. I do not like to hear when people are rude to other bloggers in their comments. It is not their blog and if they do not have something nice to say then just keep going. I love to read and get to know people and read about them. I try my best to get by and see everyone I can. I have become attached to some people and enjoy talking with them daily.. Guess what you are one of those.. Have a great day my friend..

  10. I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about blogs and blogging :) I've written in great detail about it! I don't like word verification either but it does keep out the spammers. I don't moderate because I'm too lazy LOL

  11. beautiful poem,
    interactive feedback...
    people are all different,
    if someone refuses to return favors,
    then let go, as you said...

    the world is complex,
    let the negative perspective go buried under the rug.

    have a beautiful day!

  12. I use my blog to spread my work
    bring poetry and stories to life
    not write of things that will upset
    cause animosity or strife.

    Glad to hear that,
    you are cool,
    your blogs are beautiful and professional!

  13. @Ji

    and Ji u do a WONDERFUL job xxx

  14. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/the-celebrate-poet-of-march-award-announcement-for-nominations/

    good luck!

  15. Well, I don't have a blog, but I enjoy visiting and give encouragement to as many poeple as I can. The price of putting a smile on someone's face, or sunshine in their hearts don't cost a dime, all it cost is a few minutes of your time. I don't read or comment on posts that isn't written in good taste. Sample: maybe I will get several poems from the same blogger who I visit a lot, but one of the poems in my opinion isn't in good taste. I just simply comment on the poems in good taste and skip over the one that isn't. I try to always remember what I don't like there will be others who do, and I wouldn't want to say anything that would discourage anyone from thinking bad of a bloger or stop visiting them. We never know what a person is facing and going through in a day, so don't say or do anything that will add to their pain. Since I don't have a blog maybe I should keep my opinions to myself, but you ask for it didn't you Billy? LOL

  16. Oh yes, one more thing Billy, I agree with you with everything you said, nice poem about it. I love your sign below. "Your comment will be visible after approval." I think after awhile this would discourage any rude people to come to a blog. Nobody can see what they have to say so they would soon say "Why Bother? Right Billy?

  17. I believe that a person takes a lot of time and thought in blogging. I believe they should do their best to visit other blogs and comment, if time allows. If not everyday...maybe at least once or twice a week. I do my very best to reply to all comments. It does get hard at times..and I may miss someone sometimes, but I do appreciate the visits. I think we should all be as one in blogging! Nice post! :)

  18. @Viola

    Viola u may not have your own blog but u comment on more blogs than I can count so off course u are entitled to your say, I am sure all the bloggers would agree your opinion is very valuable, thanks dear xx

  19. @Luisa Doraz

    thanks Luisa, u are quite right xxx

  20. @♥ Kathy
    Kathy I know u do dear, u are one of the nicest people in the world and u are appreciated xx

  21. @Amy

    awe thanks Amy no one has any issues over your performance u are always there xx and thanks for your kind comments.

  22. Wonderful advice, William! Your comments are always helpful and leave a wonderful feeling of friendship behind.
    Gerardine xxx

  23. hi,

    you can nominate up to 15 poets,
    please worry little,
    I will find ways to make everyone happy...
    Good luck!

  24. First, I really enjoyed the poem, the words, structure, and rhyme were wonderful. The message is such a wonderful message, and one that I hope many people would know and hear.
    If I could, I would visit other blogs everyday. I get as much enjoyment out of reading as I do writing poetry. Although unfortunately, my passion must come after responsibility, so my visits cannot be everyday. But I too try to get back to everybody who visits me.

    One of the best things about blogging I think is the sense of community - no matter where we each might be in the world, what we love, connects us all - and that is a beautiful thing indeed.

    Thank you so much William for the wonderful message!

  25. @Bernadine
    lol but off course dear, each individual has their own responsibilities and must always prioritise, thanks for your wonderful comment and visit dear xx

  26. I so agree! I try very hard if you leave a comment I come over to you, as a thank you and also you took the time I take the time :).

    Word Verification drives me nuts!

    Knock on wood no nasty comments, I've had some that were harsh but maybe what I needed and asked for.

    Great post ;)

  27. Heyyyyy Sir William I'm still kicking!!!! Love you,this poem is sooooo good and wise words to each of us!!! Wonderful job as always!
    Luv ya :)

  28. One idea that stuck in my mind from your poem, William, is the role of technology in saving us time. Have you ever noticed though, that some of our supposed "time-savers" can cost us so MUCH time when things go wrong (think hard drive failure, etc.)

    Thanks for your poem!


  29. dear awesome william,

  30. I love it (your poem) I agree. Comments always make my day. Haven't had any nastiness though


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