Sunday, 14 March 2010


The old lady was delighted
this was the love of her life
at last she was able to buy one
this machine would end her strife.

She always wanted to have one
a microwave would make things easy
she could now prepare an omelette
and make it nice and cheesy.

She made her lunch cooked her dinner
pressing the buttons with pleasure
heating and warming all day long
preparing and cooking without pressure.

She washed and polished her new found toy
made sure it was gleaming white
and every time the power went on
the old lady got a pure fright.

Then one day her toy was broken
distraught she called the technician
crying for hours missing her friend
patting it in recognition.

The engineer came she looked so tearful
as he said to her with a  stern face
I'm afraid I have some bad news for you
she looked sad and tutted in disgrace.

The "chip" in the machine has gone
you have used it far too much
the old lady looked in horror at him
and dismissed his comment as such.

I can't understand she said in dismay
as she settled her head in her lap
The engineer looked at her in shock
as the old lady said "funny chap"

I do not cook chips in my oven
the engineer burst into tears
laughing and giggling the engineer left
and shared his tale  for many years.

Dont you just love our old folks, change can sometimes be confusing for people at any age but when it comes to technology it takes some people longer than others to adapt, this is Shakiras new theme day, funny Sunday, hope u enjoy :)

Are you able to adapt to new technology? whats the hardest appliance you have had difficulty learning?

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  1. oh this was so cute and funny, lol

    thank you William for ALWAYS brightening my moments ;)

    when it comes to technology I am so behind, lol, I know how to turn on the computer, do emails, and surf the web, oh and open notebook and paint, lol, other than that, ,I am SO lost, lol

  2. Woohoo......I am the first!
    Shall comment again.....

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha..... You Rock!
    My dearest William, you are a riot!

    Ha ha ha ha.... this is your own JOKE?
    or recycle , like the chip???? Ha ha ha...
    You are too much!

    I will put your link in....
    I am still so new in this...
    You got to "bare" with me.

    Have you a Superb Sunday!

    Luv you!


  4. Cool topic,
    I heard story of babysitter putting a baby in wash machine....such incident...

    I am fine with modern tech,
    My boys are better than me on computers,
    I learn from them sometimes.
    Thanks for the fun and fine post!

  5. Happy Mother's Day
    to anyone who related to you as mothers.
    Thank you for the cool comments.
    You Deserve the Best!

  6. Oh Sir William so good and funny! Well I find the computer to be a real challenge! Some days I want to pack Jane up and toss her in the trash like I did Jane #1!!!! Yeaa I named my computer.The first one was a HP and I loved that baby and learned a lot using it,but it started acting crazy I wrapped it in a plastic bag and tossed in the trash.My brother was surprised when asked about Jane #1 ha gave it to me.
    Love you Sir William and have a good day.

  7. Modern and I do have a better relationship now than before! :) My kids help...often! :)


    happy Sunday evening!
    An award for you!

  9. technology is my best friend :) I have no trouble adapting to any of it!

  10. LOL, Am I glad that I only use mine to warm left overs up. hehehehehehe

  11. post william...there was a guy once that called help desk to get his coffee mug holder fixed on his was the CD drive...scary

    had the hardest time commenting on here today...this is the third go round...hope it works...

  12. I am scared to see how things will go in the future. Like what my little one will have.. Have a great Sunday.. Thanks again for the nice writing about me.

  13. Yes, I remember change was never welcomed where my late father in law was concerned. We battled on but he just couldn't accept progress.

    CJ xx

  14. This was funny; I remember when I saw my first microwave. A friend had just gotten one and she loved showing it off. I was very happy for her. I love buttons and lights, more the merrier.
    Gerardine xx

  15. @Gerardine Baugh

    lol thanks a lot friends, all your comments are appreciated :)

  16. My mother would have loved this joke, very cute!


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