Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I get bored looking at your face
when I strive to make you the best
Go out of my way to advance you
sometimes win but then its a test.

Why do I change you all the time?
when you could be happy as you are
we have come along nicely together
but I need to push you far.

The colors I cannot cope with
the margins are sometimes thin
when I cannot find something for you
I will toss it in the bin.

Why am I so darn hard to please?
whats the ultimate goal you chase?
I want to see you happy
for me thats no disgrace.

Your margins must be wider
colors vibrant and bright
and when my visitors come here
I want to share their delight.

A happy medium I yearn for
searching millions of pages
and when I finally find it
I will better you in stages.

I adjust your inner body
tweek and fiddle with your life
sometimes you get angry
I cause you lots of strife.

I beg you please go with me
together we will finally win
one day I will wake up and adore you
with you and your bright new skin.

Until then we must be patient
I will try not to hurt you bad
because when I see you crying
it makes me angry and sad.

This is about my blogs lol, yes folks I am ALWAYS changing my template am bad, I strive for the best template ever, ask Viola lol I used to do it all the time with my poetry site, but then finally acheived everything I always wanted to do, with her help naturally,I am the kind of person who likes to get into the machinery of how things work,editing the HTML of my blog, adding this adding that it goes on forever, and while I do this people are quite happy with the layout of their blogs and never change a thing, so perhaps Billy has a wee thing about change, there isnt anything wrong with that but I just wanted to explain why I am always chaning my template or moving things lol, cant help it, its like I am addicted LOL...

Do YOU like changing YOUR template, then are you content? or after a day or so do you change it again? and for the ones who keep the same template all the time, are you happy with it? or just cannot be bothered experimenting :)


  1. *giggles* You write very passionately about your blog :D

    My blog is new and so I won't be changing it for a while. I am sure it will get changed eventually though :D

  2. Dearest William,

    How did you know about the quarrel between my blog and I? lol
    Great poems.
    Vivid interpretations, emotions I can relate to.
    You just make a frustration into an inspiration,




  3. i like the occasional change of pace...the script is a little hard to read at times as opposed to a type face...just being honest.

    i made a decision early on to keep mine simple and stick with it. but that is just me. my type is small for some...

  4. @Brian Miller
    valid point Brian, I always listen to my readers and have changed the font, hope u are able to read this font comfortably, if not please let me know, I like honest people so thanks.:)

  5. I don't mess with my template much. I don't have the patience!

  6. I like changes, as you know,
    this one seems cool, please stay with it for at least one day or two,

    cool poem!
    I read it and it sounds like you are talking to a friend.

    our blogs are indeed our friends.

  7. you did an amazing job ,

    I beg you please go with me
    together we will finally win
    one day I will wake up and adore you
    with you and your bright new skin.

    one thing cool about blogging is that we can change under our wish any time, it is hard to hurt our people friends, but it is less hurting to switch our blog templates.

    you rocked on this one!

  8. William that poem is so cute and you know I love to play around and do changes,I can't keep the same look for to long.It's exciting to see mew changes :) and I do love the makeover you gave me! Have a good day Sir William Love ya :)

  9. LOL well with these changes you are making me feel right at home, my friend. I will say this each time you made a change it was for the better. I just simply love this amazing poem.

  10. I'll usually change my template until I find one I love then it stays forever :)

  11. Change can be good at times.. But then again I like things the same. I do try and do things different when I can. Have a great day.

  12. just do what ever your heart wants you to do to make you happy and smile. We all get to enjoy! Thanks! :)

  13. simple, yet lovely. I wish I had known of ur blog earlier, so that I could recognise that all poetry was not beat/ slam.
    Thanks for sharing...

  14. yes, you are really very passionate about your blog... which is what makes a blogger successful... i find myself torn between the urge to change my theme every month, or just staying with the way my blog has grown with... very nice poem, william... *wink*

  15. I am a little leery about loosing everything. Happened before :-(
    I love to work in code, and then see how it changes. Now I copy out the original just in case it doesn’t work out. Still it is fun!

    Now here is a sexy line:-)lol
    “Your margins must be wider”

    Gerardine xx

  16. very very cute :) and thought provoking too.. why do we ponder on the get up of our blogs?


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