Monday, 1 March 2010


I worked hard all my life
was successful at my field
hard as a businessman
never did I yield.

Fifty years of slaving
building up my life
being lucky to have children
and a loving wife.

Now I lie here in torture
I do not know where I am
people stop and stare at me
not giving a damn.

I do not know who you are
you visit me each day
I recognise the things I hear
but I don't know what you say?

You say I am a father?
and a grandfather to two boys
you show me all the photographs
some playing with their toys.

But to me its all a blur
memories I never have had
now it leaves me wondering
if in life I was bad.

I cannot remember anything
except when I was a lad
laughing with my school friends
ah yes the times I had.

But you are now a stranger
a woman who sits with me
I often shout and scream at you
I am blind and still can't see.

What will become of this broken shell?
my head is hurting so bad
at times I often look at you
and when your here I'm glad.

Senile Dementia is happening to people younger and younger these days, it is often swept under the carpet, people think yeah it won't happen to me and yet people you have known for years and years are turned into unknowns, they know no one or anything, recollect days of their childhood but not of present, this poem is fiction however the disease is not.

Do you know anyone who has been through this, or is currently going through this, do you care for someone with Alziemers disease?


  1. Good Morning:

    I don't know anyone who has to get through this, of course, I feel sympathy and concerns for such patients. Because along the way, other family members will have to tolerate or feel pains as well.

    incredible job!

  2. Wow this is such a strong and amazing post. As you poor all of your feelings out. I do not have any one like that anymore in my life. I have seen it happen though. Have a great day..

  3. william, so sad...i have seen this and it is heartbreaking to see the family left behind with the shell of someone they knew...

  4. My Gran has Alzheimers,and this poem sounds a lot like her. It's really hard to hear her talking about people who are no longer here,or her forgetting certain relatives. But on the plus side,she still has the best sense of humour, and that keeps her going!

  5. I did an internship for the older adult's counseling center. I made home visits to the elderly. I was always greeted with a smile. I did witness this illness, and others. It was hard for me to see the changes in my friends. I could only help them and care for their needs...the best I was able to. If we all do our part, it will make their journey a bit easier. :)

  6. Thanks a lot friends, your comments are always very appreciated :)

  7. Wot a touchy post William.

    No i don't know anybody suffering from this but I can understand their situation.

  8. Happy Tuesday,
    Thank U for the somments.
    Cheers, ;)

  9. This is so sad. Larry's aunt had this disease and it broke my heart every time I went to the nursing home to see her. She didn't ever know who I was, and most of the time she thought I was Larry's mom who was her sister. I am just thankful that I could be there for her.

  10. You hit right at the heart of an issue. My Uncle died of Alzheimers it is a very bad way to die. To forget the ones you love is so scary and lonely.

  11. This literally brings pain to my body and grandfather had it mildly when he died 28 years ago...but he was the only one in my family to have it..I do know of others at work and in the is devastating to all..and as sad as can be..I am often frightened by it happening to a loved one or myself, for fear of my children's having to go through it certainly pointed to the all encompassing effects of this illness in a poignant way..!


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