Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Darkness fell so quickly tonight
the sun had set  fast
the world felt an awkward place
all that was heard was a blast.

The plane had landed with only one wheel
the others failed to engage
the pilot tried to land securely
with a co pilot full of rage.

tension was felt in the cabin that night
as an eerie atmosphere was felt
no one expected this freak of storms
all passengers tied in with a belt.

The engine blew the noise was chronic
louder than anything he had heard
panic was on this young mans face
this was the flight he preferred.

passengers were screaming the plane was on fire
the lighting had blown in the air
not a thing could be seen but the fear was felt
as the plane wobbled here and there.

The watchtower was prepared for the worst it seemed
all eyes were glued to the runway
the descent was nasty, erratic and uneven
as the other engine pulled away.

Eventually it landed with towering fire
all passengers escaped with their lives
the young and old infirm and able
and the men who were met by their wives.

The damage was costly the plane was a mess
but no lives were lost that day
the watchtower staff had saved many souls
through hard work and kneeling to pray.

A wee bit of action and suspense today folks lol.

Have YOU ever experienced a disaster? I know my friend Viola has when she lost everything in a Storm in Florida, she survived but lost all her belongings but thankfully none of her family were hurt.

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  1. wow,
    I did not,
    but I certainly have been through

    tons of brainstorming days...
    fun post!

  2. thank you for the encouraging comments,
    I do have fun getting out and see the wild!
    Happy Wednesday!
    You Are The Best!

  3. Oh, Ji beat me to the comments!

    I can feel the tension, thank God I never
    have that sort of experience.
    Glad no one was hurt!
    Great job, William, as always!


  4. deliciously suspenseful william..i was actually in the air on 9/11...was a scary time. put down in ATL and had to make my way home...

  5. I am so happy that nobody was hurt in this wonderful poem. It did have me on the edge of my seat. Yes, the tornado that took my home and material things, I will never forget, but I will always thank the Lord for saving me and my family. Material things can be replace, but you can't replace your life.

  6. wow,
    how are you?
    nice to see you in!

  7. This was such an engaging poem which had me on the edge of my seat, wondering. I too am very glad that nobody was hurt.

    The poem was very well put together, with vivid description, I very nearly could see it occur in my mind. Wonderful poem

  8. I have survived disaster. What a great poem William! Do y'all celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so then I hope you had a great one!

  9. @Bernadine

    Thank you all very much, and welcome Bernadine :)

  10. thank you for the update on viola!
    cool man!
    best wishes!

  11. This is what I fear the most, trapped in a plane, on fire in the air.
    Favorite part:
    “The watchtower was prepared for the worst it seemed
    all eyes were glued to the runway
    the descent was nasty, erratic and uneven
    as the other engine pulled away.”

    Wonderfully written as always, very nerve wracking, I hope Viola is being helped. Florida has been hit a lot in the past few years. I wish her well.
    Gerardine XX

  12. Heyyyy Sir William you sure are very good at writing poems!!!! My word it felt like I was on the scene!!!! I'll give it a try again soon :) my sister needs me now her husband is going through a lot! I hope Vi is doing well I read your post at Jingle's okay have a good night and keep up the good work.Oh yea I noticed the new running words up there,always fun coming here Sir William.
    Love ya :)

  13. I did not even blink at this one. :) I am always in earthquakes. We had a pretty nasty one in 1994. Have a great day!

  14. Oh my gosh planes freak me out any ways. You have wonderful post each day!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, it's nice to meet you too!

  15. You had me on the edge of my seat there.
    You'll find mine here.

  16. very deep, indeed... :) i really like your works...

  17. i was captivated. thank u for tht ride & tht happy ending. ;)


  18. My dearest Viola,

    I just read about your loss, your home.
    I am so sorry to hear that, GOD SAVED YOU,
    YOU ARE SO LOVED, Viola.

    You stay blessed now.
    Take care of yourself for me?

    This sounds strange but in my own way
    I love you, Viola.



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