Monday, 8 March 2010


Dedicated to Gerardine Baugh

Mountains tall, rivers fast,
Trees standing proud, flowers that last,
Whistling birds, melodic in tune,
High towered sand, shaped like a dune'

Waterfalls pure, sweet smelling air,
Animals living, without human scare,
Sounds of nature in its own domain,
Growth so thick, because of the rain'

Fish a plentiful, in rivers of gold,
never to be caught, ending up sold,
Unspoilt land, can it be true?
Where grass is so green, and sky’s are blue.

The only sound is life at peace
days so long a slow release
nature going wild left alone
no exhausts or a telephone.

Fruit bearing trees tall and proud
enough to eat well your allowed!
no taxes,laws, just animal rules
were nothing matters not even fools.

No fear or loss just a slow pace
far from everything and the rat race
wake up in the morning to fresh cool air
living off the land and all it can spare.

Tall green grass no need for mowing
viewing for miles the sun is glowing
wild flowers growing carpeted throughout
even if its arid, or a lenghty drought.

Visted by the few, unspoilt land
no one knows your here don't understand
like a land far away no maps to find
lost in time, left behind.

I dedicate this poem to a wonderful friend called Gerardine Baugh, you all know her, she is a fantastic writer of Nature as well as poems, Gerardines stories of Nature are fascinating, she loses you in a kind of twilight zone, were all around is country life, animal activity and beauty. This poem reflects how Gerardine sees her "little world" and long may it continue.

for fascinating Nature stories, please visit Gerardine, she is now also including her own pictures and videos for our pleasure 

Do you love unspoilt land? do you live in the Country? have you ever come across an area you never saw before and was fascinated by the fact its unspolit?


  1. I loved camping with my Papa as a child and going through the woods and having a great time exploring.. Happy Monday..

    Hope you had a great weekend. The husband is home yeah.. But sleeping long weekend for him. Off to work this afternoon. But he is home.. Yeah..

  2. I've lived in cities and the country and now we're kind of halfway in between. I prefer the country though.

  3. beautiful nature poem,
    I am glad that you do this for her, she is your first and one of the oldest blogging friend...

    Admirable job with tons of respect!


    week 8 perfect poet award for you.
    Enjoy a happy week ahead!

  5. wonderful william...i love nature...took a 3 mile hike on sautrday morning out into the mountains, finding creeks and just peace. wonderful piece!

  6. @Brian Miller

    thanks a million friends, and for your kind answers, love country..mmmmm

  7. I grew up in the country, and I really miss it!

  8. Lovely poem! I found it very calming :D

  9. A lovely poem, William. It reminds me so much of where I live.

    CJ xx

  10. thank you for the beautiful comment in my blog,
    you are very fast and smart,
    you did it right,
    2nd choice is yardstick...
    others are awesome!

  11. What a very moving poem. I felt like I was present with nature. :) Have a beautiful day admiring All around you. I do! :)

  12. It does sound like a place I want to spend forever in. Heaven? Makes me want to put down this computer and go outside to pretend I'm in a place like that!

    My favorite image was of "rivers of gold." Beautiful, William!

  13. I really want to go! Lovely poem Billy and so nice of you to do this for Gerardine! Reminds me again of home...I miss home at the moment!

  14. How sweet!!! Your poem is so beautiful, I wish for this to be always and forever.

    I love the entire poem, but this part is my favorite:

    “No fear or loss just a slow pace
    far from everything and the rat race
    wake up in the morning to fresh cool air
    living off the land and all it can spare.”

    I grew up in the west side of Chicago, where the trees were few and weak, no grass grew only very dry powdery dirt, and cement was everywhere. Your poem was my dreamland. Now that I live in the country, I love every rock, leave, tree and even the scat. With friends like you my life is wonderful!!
    Gerardine XX
    Have a great day!!


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