Monday, 29 March 2010


Late again what will I do?
Traffic held up
another long queue
glance at your watch
nerves uptight
engine overheating
something not right.
The car Crawling slowly
legs stiff and sore
radio blaring loud
in and out of the door.
Clutch up clutch down
brake foot numb
shouting and screaming
no nails on their thumb.
stop start stop start
will it ever end?
wondering how long
the queue will extend.
cyclists passing cars
smiling on their way
extending happy greetings
"have a lovely day"
Anger on faces
swearing in a low breath
tooting horns in madness
worse than death.
No chance of repeating this tomorrow
my nerves won't take the strain
another way I have to go
in fact I'll take the train.
Here at work, late again
the office stands at ease
the boss looks over his glasses
"come to my office Please"
trying to explain is hopeless
as usual it falls on deaf ears
traffic jams are unnerving
ages you in Years.

Everybody loves being stuck in traffic NOT, especially when you are running late for work, how many times does this happen, it makes you fume and get irritated and when you finally turn up at work, the boss doesnt believe you were stuck in traffic lol.

Has the above happened to you? what do you do to keep yourself amused when stuck in traffic?


  1. the above did happen to me when I lived in Austin, Texas...there is nothing I can do, turn on the radio in the car, wait...

    your photo truly take readers to the point of traffic jam.

    marvelous post!


    the link to your awards, snake man, and one poetry...

    I am afraid of snakes, if you could take it away from my place, that would be cool!
    thank you in advance!

  3. It's turning into a frustrated world out there isn't it? I sincerely appreciate where you're writing from with this poem!

  4. Well, since I can pretty much make my own schedule these days, I try to work around traffic! :) I think it is kind of fun, when you do not need to be anywhere a certain time. I love to watch what people do! Sometimes I will roll down the window and talk to some. Why not make them laugh? lol :) Have a great day!

  5. I use to have that problem. I would just listen to some music and enjoy myself. Happy Monday..

  6. When I lived in Houston it would take me at least two hours to get to work because of the traffic. Blah. Hey honey, something is wrong with your feed I think. It doesn't want to load. I had to copy the address of JUST THIS POST and put it in without the feed address and it loaded fine. Just wanted to let you know!

  7. I hate traffic, and do my best to stay out of it. LOL Very nice post my friend.

  8. Somehow, I mistakenly though Britain didn't have traffic jams. Lol. Thanks for your visits. I happen to agree most days that my boys are better than flowers.

  9. This is a great line:

    “cyclists passing thinly
    smiling on the way”

    I could feel the hurry, hurry in your words.

    I was always caught in traffic!

    I would be directly on time or five minutes late. Then I would have to hear about how everyone else got there on time even when they lived closer than I did, grrr!

    I refused to give myself more than an hour and a half to get to work. Very stressful! More so when I worried what my boss would say..
    Gerardine xx

  10. fortunately i live in kolkata, so when i was working in offices none of my bosses mistrusted me when i told them i was stuck in a traffic jam.

    i think i was lucky in case of bosses in this regard.

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  12. I try to leave early. Well the Jamaican traffic is nothing like in other huge cities but I do everything to get out. if I do get caught I am always on my phone.

  13. Ughhh I HATE Traffic- I can relate all too well.

    I usually take streets or an alternate route if possible.

  14. Just stopping by to say Happy Tuesday..


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