Monday, 22 March 2010


I cannot live like this for long
being unable to have my own child
I often dream of what might be
if I had been quiet not wild.

The opportunity came for me
I couldn't resist this chance
perhaps this would be the end of me
a phase, a passing glance.

Erika was the only life I had known
I couldn't help what I did
her parents must have been frantic
when their daughter I kidnapped and hid.

Five years had passed Erika was now 12
she only spoke of her parents for a year
and each time she had mentioned them
I couldn't hide a tear.

She was my life it was complete
it lasted until she had met
her real mother at the shopping mall
who recognized her instantly I bet.

The Police were all over my home
her father was puzzled and shocked
what was happening to my family?
the mystery had now become unlocked.

I did not care for her moms feelings
I was only interested in me
I knew my life would be happy
its all I imagined it to be.

But now I am all alone
with a room filled with bars
I never imagined just how they would feel
and the thought of the emotional scars.

Erika is now a young lady
living with her real mom and dad
and do I feel ashamed of my crime?
for a while I was not I was glad.

I was watching a drama series on tv the other night, it was about a little girl who was kidnapped by a woman who had no children, she snatched the kid from the beach, naturally the parents were frantic, 13 years later the mom was in the shopping complex and she thought she had saw her lost daughter, she had seen many girls before and they all turned out not to be Erika, but this girl was,. the drama unfolded as the family tried to get back the lost years and the consequences the woman faced, when she was caught, it was very sad, but throughout the drama the kidnapper thought it was her God given right to see the girl and accepted no blame for what she had done, sadly folks these dramas tend to be realistic.

How do you feel about this? yes its a drama, however it has happened in the past and probably will again


  1. Things to happen like this all of the time. I feel for the families that are involved. Who knows what goes through a person's mind to make them do something like that. I just watch closely and hope that others do the same.

    Have a great Monday. What a powerful post.

  2. No body has the right to take someone elses child no matter how badly they want one. There are lots of children that need homes and you can adopt them. Stealing a child is wrong and you should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  3. one can always adopt via legal procedures.
    thank you for sharing it...

    beautiful writing,

    But now I am all alone
    with a room filled with bars
    I never imagined just how they would feel
    and the thought of the emotional scars.

    consequence is here,
    I believe that no matter how much one wants something, one shall never steal...

    if one wants more,
    one rob, that's crime...
    do you agree?

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  5. kidnapping is seriously scary...and the emotional brainwashing that can go on with the kids while they are lost...frightful, really.

  6. It may be a drama, however, sadly things like this does happen. It is soooo sad how anyone can get themselves in such an emotional shape to want to take a child away from its parents. But the mind does play tricks on those who are unstable.

  7. wow,
    how are you?
    where is the comments from others?

    hope that everything is cool
    with you.
    take care.
    you have done outstanding job here!

  8. Hi Sir William
    That's another good poem,and it's really sad how many children are being snatched daily.I know the parents rejoiced to have her back!!!
    Love ya :D

  9. LOL Billy if this is the result of watching Tv then goddamn I need to watch more tv!! <3 it!!

  10. @doubtfulpoet lol thanks Beth, and thanks friends for your kind comments xx

  11. have a nice day!
    you kind and wise,
    keep rocking!

  12. No family should have to go through this. I can only imagine what their hearts feel like. Touching...

  13. OMGosh my biggest and worst fear as a mom. When I was younger my cousin was kidnapped infront of me, it still haunts me. We later found out her dad had hired a man to snatch her, nasty custody battle but I can still remember that day!

    Beautiful job capturing this sad story.

  14. Kidnapping is the MOST HIDEOUS AND CRUELEST thing done upon someone, EVERYONE gets hurt. So sad. I enjoyed your poem very much. You do get a lot of inspiration from your daily life don't you? Good for you, William! Love you! hugs, shakira

  15. Very painful situation! This will effect everyone for the rest of their lives. Very Scary!
    Your first line:
    “I cannot live like this for long”

    Wonderfully, emotional poem! Starts out with emotional pain, and it flows through everyone.
    Gerardine xx


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