Sunday, 28 March 2010


Sunday is a day that everyone rests
no more work, no more tests
wash the car, do some chores
play with the wee one ,on all fours!

Take the dog a very long walk
no more worries no watching the clock
get in the garden kill some weeds
tidy the shrubs, sow some seeds.

Get ready for dinner lay the table
watch an old movie with Betty Grable!
snooze on the chair after a hard day
tired out with the kids watching them play.

Invite over family for evening drinks
listen to Harry and what he thinks!
have a laugh at granny doing her tricks
also with John walking with "sticks"

Put on some music make it soft
getting the old pics out of the loft
hilarious views of times gone by
time stops for no man  and will fly.

After a contented day of rest
time to put away the Sunday best
kids all showered another day over
one last walk for dear old Rover!

Satisfied with your life and all you achieved
a wife and kids who would have believed
Work tomorrow but who really cares
you had a blast  sampled the wares.

Hoping next week will be just as fun
time to stop dreaming, need to run
back to the Rat race fighting for life
but at the end of it is my dear wife.

With a hug and kiss to take it all away
the pressures and stress of another day
sleep content you have it all
look forward to the weekend to have a ball.

Sunday is a great day, in one respect its a family day, but in another way its a day that u can unwind, no matter what you do its not WORK, lol, hope u all have a wonderful Sunday :)

What does Sundays mean to YOU?


  1. Yeah my computer is working again. My husband re set the modem and that seems to help. I have missed you and your wonderful post. I am so sorry I was not able to stop by and say hello for awhile. Thanks for always stopping by.. You are a great person to me and I would be so sad if you left..

    Sunday's are lazy days for me.. I love them..

    Have a great one. Cute poem and picture.

  2. For many people, Sunday is a day for church time, I know you are not religious, neither am I, yes, as you mentioned, do some chores, relax...

    Happy Sunday!


    solutions are out,
    feel free to look when you have time!

  4. for me,
    that treat is too sweet, I never enjoy it,
    but your good will and kind wishes are well taken, that means, this is the sweetestest
    wishes from William!

    same treat back,
    with your favorite of everything!

    take care.

  5. I actually worked every single Sunday for 25 years. I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore! Great poem William..I really liked the part about watching an old movie :)

  6. LOL! I worked today :p As a rule, I hate Sundays, they are really boring *lol*. The best thing about them is the Sunday Roast :D

  7. @atimetoshine
    thanks all,yeah sadly some people have to work Sundays :(

  8. Words stolen from my heart William :) All this time when I was @ home, all days were Sundays. Now when Im working, weekend is the time I plan for entire week..and my plan mostly includes sleeping lol.

    And this time Im all the more kicked about this coming weekend...coz its a long one!! Yipppeeee.

  9. It is also a day to read Billy's poetry and stories, after church of course. Now to me that is what I call a relaxing Sunday. Boy, that ice cream cone looks real good, but to many calories for me. LOL

  10. :( pouts because I just realized I'm not at the top of your page anymore :(

  11. Hi Sir William another "fantastic poem"
    just like
    each and everyone!
    I've had fun here
    today & it's Sunday
    Just a little something that rolled out
    Sunday is a beautiful day
    no reason to pout
    Having fun with Sir William
    is what it's about!
    Luv you Sir William and that ice sundae looks soooo good! Yum!!!

  12. Hi,

    thank you for the speedy feedback,
    you are kind, encouraging, and highly intelligent.

    I see your links on top,
    hope that you keep them solid,
    someone gets hurt when you remove, for some reason, both of us have friends who come and go, not following daily basis, but they do come back to us when they are ready, it costs nothing to carry major links...

    you have done outstanding job in promoting friends and keeping a blog roll, I prefer not to spend time doing such...I truly admire your job and think that the links on top are very convenient ...
    sometimes, if a friend does not show up for a few days, I would think of your links and come here to click on to visit her...

    Happy Sunday!
    I wish you the best.
    You are indeed the best.

    medicine is bitter,
    but it cures one's sickness,
    words are hard to take,
    but they are spoken on behalf of you.

    I have absolute admiration to your wisdom, creative writings, impressive widgets,
    please be happy, when you expect no friendship, then when friendships arrive, you are the happiest!

    Greetings from Jingle
    love you, xxx

  13. Those are the most fitting words ever to describe a Sunday..or any funday....Love Love this..Thank You William ..

  14. @Ji
    awe Ji u are VERY sweet, I do appreciate u coming here and giving me words of wisdom, I am in control, everything is as it should be, everything in place xx

  15. I gave you an award William :) It's here

  16. Wonderful poem! I would hope that everyone follows your words:
    "Satisfied with your life and all you achieved"

    And I hope that everyone gets to relax on their Sunday, no matter which day it falls on:-)

  17. dear william,
    i thought that you have turned off the comment option.

    my connection is so slow :(

    yet another wonderful poem, i can feel the relaxation hidden in every word.

    with warmest wishes,

  18. @suryagni
    no dear I always keep comments open THANK YOU xx


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