Friday, 26 March 2010



Todays theme represents the Mums and Dads in the family, you have worked hard all week, Saturday night comes, Your hubby is taking you out for a meal, from experience, lol this is what happens.

Does my bum look big
in this here dress?
Will you do me a favor dear
give it a press?

What time are we due
at the restaurant tonight?
you booked it for seven?
that wasn't too bright!

Only four hours
to do my face
shave my legs
I need some space!.

well love can you
feed the dogs?
put the cat out?
fetch some logs?

Empty the dustbin
tend to the kids
dry the dishes
pots and lids.

Why are YOU not ready yet?
its time to go and eat
your not even dressed yet
come on now get to your feet.

What have you been doing?
while I was getting ready
sleeping on the sofa?
hugging jenny's teddy?

The cab's here already!
where has the time went?
I got ready in 4 hours
time well spent

lol guys, have YOU experienced the above, no offence ladies but I bet most of you are like this in your own sweet way, its funny, you take hours to get ready and then the guy gets it in the neck when he isnt, lol, well hope you enjoyed this fun family post, please pop over to Amy, Lori and our Jingle for more family fun :)


  1. OMG... I have never done that... How did you know? LOL... Too cute and fun... William , you always amazed me! hugs, shakira

  2. William, the picture is not visible.. want to take a look? You done something to your blog again? You amazed me...

  3. Only four hours
    to do my face
    shave my legs
    I need some space!

    I never use makeup or shave my legs,
    you know better than anyone about women,
    thank you for the fun!

    love this setting of your blog,
    easy to read,
    clear and fresh!

  4. like brad paisley saing "waiting on a woman"...but it is so worth it, right?

  5. Yep!!! That's us most of the time,but you guys are slow also!!! Really good I enjoyed the read Sir William.
    Luv ya :)

  6. lolzzz i see this happening whenever Mom and dad were supposed to go out :D
    hehehe loved it :)

  7. Well...I must admit..I am done to 15 ,inutes...tops! :) lol Hope you all have fun today!

  8. I'm actually a 15 minute girl to get ready but that comes from years of working back to back shifts and having to be there NOW lol this was so funny William! I laughed through the whole thing :)

  9. Leave it up to Billy to write something funny. Well my friend, us ladies need lots of time to make ourselves look beautiful for our man. LOL

  10. "Only four hours
    to do my face
    shave my legs
    I need some space!."
    This is me! I laughed reading this! Thank you, for the laughter!
    Gerardine xx

  11. @Gerardine Baugh

    thanks a million friends, very kind,glad u had a laugh :)

  12. Very funny. How we long for a night out and end up fussing. Thank you for visiting today. Good to be back. I hate it when I don’t have time to post. Glad you liked the haiku. Hope you had a chance to see the haiga.

  13. Good things do come to those that wait - patiently:)

  14. “Dear you must have patience
    You know about women spending time
    In her favourite dressing table
    Admiring the images falling in line”

    “No honey look at the time!
    I have been waiting so long
    You ask me to run your errands?
    Right now when the taxi is coming?”

    “No sweetie
    You are just my darling
    With all tie up and grooming
    Why not do me a favour?”

    “Now I don't like it
    It always lead to something else
    We are going for our dinner
    In the posh restaurant”

    “Dear you will like it
    You always want to do”
    “It's already time
    You still asking me?”

    “Sweetie the taxi can wait
    Tell me how I look to night?
    Don't tell me no lie
    I know when you say it”

    “Dear it is time
    You haven't dressed up yet”
    “This is what I want you
    Do the bum with me?”

    “It's already 4 hours
    The taxi is waiting patiently”
    “Go tell him to wait
    I will be down in a minute!”

    27/3/10 11.13am

  15. @caravanserai
    LOL that was excellent friend, how clever, hehehe thank you :)

  16. I'm sorry not sure what this dinner out is ... lol ;). Oh yes I don't ask those questions Rick is not one to hold back .. lol :)

  17. Hello,

    hope that you have fun writing your weekend funnies,
    you are sweetest man,
    always give me finest encouragement and top words...

    you are the best,

  18. I am thrilled to see that so many people are commenting for your post,
    enjoy your pride!

    see you next time,
    it is 12pm midnight in my place.

  19. I loved your friday post. It rocked even if it took me two days to stop on by... Thanks for always joining in.. I am so happy to have you..


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