Wednesday, 3 March 2010


An old woman cried all through the night,
For she lost four sons in a bloody fight,
Their voices still heard, in a distant past,
Born so quickly, and died so fast.
Fought for freedom, a right to survive,
Worked so hard, to stay alive,
Born in tyranny, starving and meek,
Women and children, hungry and weak.
Clansmen cowering around for food,
The rest of his kin, gathering wood,
Mud huts leaking, raining hard,
Fires dying wood all charred.
Freedom distant, lives are lost,
Counting the sacrifices, mourning the loss,
One day they will sing, depression will lift,
Hoping that God will shower his gift.
Death shall be rewarded in a life of new,
The old woman sad, lonely and blue
Remembering her sons, who fought and tried,
To make life better, and live with pride.
Many more deaths, when will it end?
For rights and freedom, in which we depend,
will it come one day? it’s so far a dream,
Where reality rules, in the slow running stream.
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak,
But death is reality, for the lowly and meek.
For our freedom they fought and died

our women are widows and so they cried.

Taking you back to the old Scottish Clan days, days were fighting was the only way to win freedom, freedom for your own rights in a Country Governed by the English at that particular time. The UK thank goodness is as it says United, but in those days it was not, and countless lives were lost for freedom.

Do you believe in Countries being United? or do you think they would be better off on their own?


  1. it is a complex question, personally, it is better on their own, I think it is important to respect..well.

    It is sad to know many lives are lost during fights or wards...I feel panic even thinking about it.

    Our generation does need to learn from history and learn how to settle disagreement via peaceful avenues.

    powerful post!

  2. Many more deaths, when will it end?
    For rights and freedom, in which we depend,
    It will be here one day it’s a dream,
    Where reality rules, and alls what it seems.

    beautifully said!
    thank u for waving the magical wand and bringing cruelty of wars into spot light.

    Happy Wednesday, Friend!

  3. Powerful words, and it rhymes very well.

  4. Nice poem William. I'm not sure I have an answer for your question except maybe to say the we (the U.S.) fought pretty hard ourselves to get away from English rule..

  5. Powerful poem! I am so interested in this time period. I had found that my family and my hubby's are both from Scotland. (Mine from Scotland by way of Ireland before coming to America.) I started a novel years ago about a clan war. I still dream about it. Perhaps I will get to finish it some day. LOVE THIS!

  6. This reminds me of Saving Private Ryan, except that 4th son survived.

    You raise this question well... "Many more deaths, when will it end?" When, indeed.

    I like how this poem flowed quickly. Very moving.

    And hey, I found you through Jingle and am bestowing the “Jannie Funster Lucky Lupine Award” upon your poetry blog! You can see it and whisk it away from this post of mine…

    Thanks William! And keep on writing (as if you could ever stop, right??) :)

  7. It is always sad when lives are lost in war. Your words are powerful Billy the line "Many more deaths, when will it end?" goes right to ones heart.

  8. Oh William..that poem touches on all of the emotions and tragedies or war and loss..It is beautifully are an artist with a heart..!...a Heart-ist...

  9. I believe that one needs to do what one needs to do to have a sense of peace. It needs to be attainable for all. I do not always agree in the ways that people move to reach this conclusion Have a nice rest of the week! :)

  10. Oww William, war is part of human nature and it's always the innocents who suffer. It's a shame, but while people are ignorant selfish and power hungry, strife will continue between countries. It's sad :(

  11. I think that we should all work together. We can learn so much from others. Right?? Team work is the best..
    Thanks for you nice comments today. It made me smile..

    Have a great day.

  12. thanks a million friends for your kind comments they always mean the World to me :)

  13. Thank u for finishing everything early!
    u have the option to take an award from the post and keep it for yourself since u prefer not to pass.
    i appreciate your dilligence.
    Happy Thursday!

  14. You are a Master, no doubt!
    This is my favourite poem yet.

    We are born free, with God intention for us
    to be totally FREE , complete freedom ,
    yet we are always fighting for something that is given.
    So sad.

    Hhmm..... personally I believe each state should be free
    but in the real world, being independent does not mean
    self sufficient hence the need to be united as a bigger
    and more effective as a single country.
    It is necessary for survival, don't you think?

    Can you imagine the UNITED STATES separated?
    Can you imagine CHINA stronger than now even
    with SHANGHAI and PEKING united?

    I see it as a necessity for PEACE.

    Me got an award for you.

    Happy THURSDAY!
    Happy MARCH!



  15. Dear William,
    Another masterpiece. Thanks for sharing.

    I am honoured to add your name in the list of honest scrap award.
    I am really grateful to wordwand of for honouring me with this award and for introducing me to your marvellous blog. I will be grateful if you collect your Honest Scrap award from my blog.

    Wishing you the very, very best.

  16. This is the sad truth, I remember how we used to study wars in history when we were younger, it didn't matter but now I'm able to understand the amount of devastation they really cause and it's massive.

  17. "Fought for freedom, a right to survive,"
    Freedom, that word is a force itself. Together and united live side by side without taking away from each other. Live and let live..wish it was that easy.
    Great poem,
    Gerardine xx


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