Saturday, 6 March 2010


The night went as well as expected
small branches brushed against the wooden windows
as if a small animal was scratching to get in
light winds blew whistling in a falsetto fashion
the clock ticked merrily in its encased antique wood
chiming every half hour just to remind us it was still there.

The house rattled as if it was being taken from its founds
lifted by a giant and placed back on the very spot it arose from
trickling drips of water landing in the sink like depth charges
making sure it was heard above all other sounds
like stereo effects in a surround sound system
on a wide screem movie feature.

There was nothing frighteneing in the night
the house was resting, gaining energy from the day before
hard steps of family feet marching through the house
like an army, settling in some rooms whilst moving from others 
the battleground being the kitchen and the lounge
the bedrooms used rarely.

So even he/she needed rest from the battle
even knowing he/she might not win the war it will stand its ground.
stairs climbed like an assault course hundreds of times a day
toilets being flushed as if Niagra falls had taken over that day
chairs jumped on like an athlete jumping on a trampolene
everyone seeking to be at peace.

Television turned on, no one watching
the sound belting off the walls and echoing into each room
blared music turned to maximum volume
hairdryers blowing hot wind in a rush to dry soggy heads
beats thumping as if bombs had landed in the lounge
the house shaking as if stretched to its limits.

Lights shining away as if the sun had stayed out twenty four hours
every socket imaginable used with electricity pumping
doors swung open nearly unhinged
cat flap creaking as if the Adams Family lived there
imagining the Butler calling "you rang"
but in he walks bold as brass no care in the World.

As we come to the final hour, when sockets are switched off
the television peaked, the music dies
lights start to fade one by one
the fire embers go dull
doors are all closed
he/she has survived to fight another day.

This is how I imagine a busy family home to be on a daily basis, imagine if your house could speak, just what would it say? hey you watch my paintwork, get those kids of my cupboards lol, it would be complaining all the time hehe.

Is your house a battlezone?? when does it settle? next time you have a busy day, read this and imagine what the house is thinking lol.


  1. lol. no not a battlefield...more like a playpen...we have lots of fun around the house...guess it was a battlefield yesterday actually...we were chasing each other around the house with dart guns...

    off to work and have fun with the fam today...taking the day off from the back tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Ha ha ha.
    I can imagine the houses like that
    in my mother's and ex MIL's house. lol
    I will remember your poem,
    sounds like a battlefield indeed.

    My own home is very peaceful ,
    always full of love and calm.

    You have a blessed weekend, William.

  3. Another great peom there! My house is pretty quiet most of the time :D

  4. You made a perfect scene. :) :)

    I have another small gift for your wonderful blog. Please take it from : and make me really happy.

  5. Me got tributes and awards for you!



  6. beautiful imagination,
    My house is quiet, except when the boys play cello or piano...
    No TV anymore.
    thank you for the winsome post!
    Happy Saturday!

  7. My house is rarely a battle zone...I'm too organized and crazy to let that happen lol great poem William!

  8. Our student house is a war zone...I live with two gay men so it's always bitch this or dahling that and no one ever has a pair of straighteners that ACTUALLY work! And don't even think about trying to find the washing machine...

  9. I believe that the people in a house are the "house" and the building is just a playground for fun times! :) Great one...again! :)

  10. LOL Billy, sometimes I think that I am living in a war zone, but guess who wins the battle, you got it right, grandma does. hehehehehe But most of the time it is smooth sailing until the kids doesn't get to have their way. Love your poem.

  11. We have a fun happy home. I am so lucky.. I know you saw your award. Thanks so much for being a great friend..

    Have a great day..

  12. Happy Sunday Morning!
    an award for you, hope that you lie it.

  13. Yes, our house speaks a lot too. Not so much a battle zone, but a continual uproar of souls past and present clashing and exploding in sound waves.

    BEAUTIFUl house photo! *Is that yours?

    i wish our house, as Jingle's had NO tv.

  14. This is fabulous! I tremble to even think what my house would say.

  15. how are you?
    you did not do Sunday post, is everything alright?
    Best wishes!

  16. Hi Happy Sunday...

    Sorry I have not been by to say Hello...
    It has been a wild weekend.

    Just letting you know I am hosting my Round Robin this week. You can also link up a Family Fridays post if you want. It is that time of the month when I share fun things.. Have a great day.

  17. No matter what kind of house one lives in, as long as love and embrace hold firm, it is a home to a loving family.
    I feel very happy for the love you have received, you deserve all of those, you deserve to have good job, perfect health, and lasting loving relations with everyone around you.
    God Bless you!
    Take good care.


    sorry for the late notice.
    Happy Sunday!
    Happy Monday!
    Happy day by day!

  19. My house probably has a good laugh when the cats tip over the plants, or does she/he..?
    Great last line:
    "he/she has survived to fight another day."
    Gerardine xx


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