Sunday, 7 March 2010


Carved out in stone
in a centralised place
you flash and smile at me
shaking and sweating
nervous and twitching
you know its gonna be.

Cowering around you
like a scared old man
tempting me with your lights
watching all the people
amassing behind me
looking out for heads wearing tights.

twitching frail fingers
touching your pad
identified by cameras within
trying to get
a statement from you
then tossing it in the bin.

Will you won't you
the questions are asked
as you cower to take out the dosh
you produce a beep
of deafening noise
which is definately not masked.

The fear grows deep inside you
as you fear the worst to come
your card is lost forever
your head beats like a drum.

The real test is getting a statement
as the machine may be out of receipts
its all guess work you wait in patience
as thousands cover the streets.

Will you get your card back
from its evil greedy clutches
the machine it has 
a mind of it's own
so be careful you don't
end up in crutches!

The ever popular cash machine
has you in its grip
when you need cash in a hurry
be careful or you might flip.

Be aware of who is behind you
or your card may be cloned
enter your pin and cover it
their minds are well tuned and honed.

Just back friends from a very nice day out with family, had dinner, so sorry for the late posting, today I am covering a very well used service the CASHLINE MACHINE or autoteller, what would we do without them, intricate little machines able to give u money on the spot (if u have any lol) but when things go wrong its a nightmare hehe.

What experiences do YOU have with the Autoteller? have u had your card taken in and not returned? have u put in your card and not got the money lol?


  1. I don't know why exactly, but this poem made me giggle! I never had a bad experience with a cash machine,other than them running out of money on busy weekends *lol*

  2. what amazes me is that you always find something interesting to write, it is true, cash machine is easy and makes our life better most of the times..

    I only used that once, I prefer to get out of the car and walk into the bank to get things done in person!

    thank you for the smart and funny poet!
    Happy Family Reunion to you!

  3. Dear William:
    You never disappoint me,
    I feel extremely thrilled to see you uplifting comments along the post of my Sunday 160.
    Again and again, you prove it to me that you are the best blogging friend I ever have, always thoughtful, always uplifting, and you make my day very joyful and bright today!

  4. Good Morning:

    Thank you for being one of my friends, one of the best!
    No matter what happened, or what about to happen, i will remember your kindness and selfless support!

    you are a diamond which shines...
    Happy Happy Day to You!

  5. @Ji
    Ji u are so lovely, u make me fill with joy that you are around xxx u are a great friend and support the world xx

  6. Oh Yeah..also when I deposited cash ..I didnt get a receipt which really bothered I called the Bank immediately to tell them about it...Ive never really lost the card in it though..but yes when I was younger..there were times that I was scared about someone behind me..all alone in a vestibule..with another..very fearful about what they might do.. alone in the "hole in the wall"....GREAT, GREAT analogy...!EnJoY you evening William..!

  7. I don't use the ATM because of some of the reasons in your poem :) Well, that and the fact that I refuse to put my money in a bank anymore. It's cash or nothing for us.

  8. @♥ Kathy
    Thank you all for your kind comments and support :)

  9. hey william! gald to hear you had a nice day out with family...we did here as well...took in a college baseball game with apicnic lunch...atms...had a friend held up at one....use them all the time though...

  10. The ATM and I do not meet up often! lol :) I try to get cash and "make it last!" I hate machines! I am sooo happy you had a fun day and got to "spend" some of that hard earned money! :) Have a great week!

  11. Hi Sir William
    I've never had problems with the ATM and it is because I only used it once,I don't like them especially at night,your poem made me smile very good. :)

  12. There was a time when I was excrutiatingly broke (as opposed to, erm, being just broke). I went to the cash machine to get the last morsel that was there and the bloody thing took my card. Didn't know what to do with myself except walk back home totally numb.

    Turned out my bank had sent me a new card and I couldn't use the old one even though it hadn't expired yet.

    Thank phew for that :-)

  13. A beautiful bond called friendship is above all relationships in the world. A little gift for you, to remind you of our friendship.

    Please accept it and make me happy.

  14. Fabulous. A wonderful portrayal of modern day woes :) :) Whenever you are in a rush, the machine betrays you.

  15. Great that you have a great day with family.

    I always used the ATM. lol

    Have you a great week!





  16. Me and these machines don't get along. LOL. I don't even know why I have one, because I never use it. Larry loves them but me I am very careful with the little money we do have and I don't want a dishonest person to steal my pin number or even worst I don't want to get knock in the heard for what money I have. Boy you can tell that I am way up in age. LOL Nice poem my friend and yes you can draw a subject out of your hat and write about it. That is real talent.

  17. I lost a card in one machine because someone asked me a question and I took to long punching in the numbers. I was upset, scared, angry frightened...with out a dime. I had to get a new card..not fun.
    Scary two lines:
    "Will you get your card back
    from its evil greedy clutches"
    Gerardine xx


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