Thursday, 18 March 2010


Have you ever wondered how
you could survive without your friends?
let them know each day
that to you they depend.
Have you ever sent them flowers
with a message "you are adored"
or ever told your closest friends
without them you'd be bored?
Have you ever saw a rainbow
and imagined a pot of gold?
made a wish with a shiny coin
and broken that mold.
Have you ever had a feeling
that something could go wrong?
or wondered why Samson
could be that strong?
Have you ever loved a person
or argued with whom you choose
or wanted something badly
like a fortnights cruise?
Have you ever noticed the poor old man
with his shabby dirty clothes?
or ever wondered why Rudolph
has a bright red nose?
Have you ever chose a meal for the night
or decided to take away?
Have you ever gotten the kids to bed
to enjoy the rest of your day?
Have you ever decided on the menu
for the TV late at night?
maybe watch your favorite soap
or settle for the fight.
Have you ever wondered how
we can fill in our day?
listened to all objectives
of what people have to say?
Have you ever wondered when
this poem will ever end?
maybe now or maybe never
you will read it coz your my friend.

Some questions to contemplate today friends, sometimes we just pause, take a look around be it imaginary or real, the saying is "waken up and smell the coffee" I sometimes come out with crazy observations or questions.

What do YOU often wonder? and do you always get the answers?

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  1. I often wonder why bad things so often happen to good peoeple!

  2. lots to ponder here today william..wonderfully said though...and i have many...and will still further more...

  3. I have all those moment in your poem,
    you are such able man who thinks and writes creatively and collectively...

    Have you ever noticed the poor old man
    with his shabby dirty clothes?
    or ever wondered why Rudolph
    has a bright red nose?

    those lines make me laugh

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  5. Magical words from a magical friend~~~~ :)

  6. You are such a good friend to so many. We appreciate you and all you do! You are a wonder! :)

  7. Lovely Have you ever?

    Happy Thursday!

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  8. Gripping Once I started I couldn't help but finish, I am working on rather large poem that I am it will be a while before it is ready. You have skill to keep people interested and continue reading you beautiful words that you do. I have been to your blog many times now and I never leave disappointed.

  9. Excellent.i do like tis community spirit

  10. I wonder things all the time and usually don't give up until I have the answer. I didn't wonder when your poem would end though lol I enjoyed it

  11. this is fabulous. do we really stop and ponder about those who really matter to us.. i guess not. :(

  12. @suryagni
    thanks as always friends its you who make these posts special :)

  13. I do think and wonder a lot. Some times I may get an answer and other times I may not. Thanks for all of your kind words today.. Have a great evening.

  14. Oh Sir William this poem is so touching!!! I know there are many things we wonder about,I often wonder how can someone mistreat and abuse the elderly that I cannot stand,and it's happening so much.Thanks William for this wonderful poem.
    Love ya :)


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    old reward reminder,
    happy Thursday!

  18. Great poem, I often wonders why my daughter’s conditioner runs out fast than her shampoo- I just asked her that question:-)
    Gerardine xx

  19. Writing that makes you think is important. Good writing that makes you think is a treasure. Thanks for being our pirate and unearthing this treasure.

  20. Wonderfully done my friend.


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