Thursday, 4 March 2010


How can we make friends never seen
from a keyboard, internet , computer screen?
people we allow into our lives
someone's husband,  sisters, or wives!

Before we know them we learn to trust
let them in,  all or bust.
tell them things we would not do
in a strange place, outside, would you?

But it's amazing how much we grow
just touching lives "to and fro"
through media designed to make new friends
learn of cultures, set new trends.

Like the Thursday rally created with love
to widen our community, take of that glove
shake the hand of a new found friend
be yourself, don't pretend.

Personally I have been so delighted
to meet new writers, be en- lighted
share the love we have for life
no sign of tempers, arguments, or strife.

Perhaps World leaders can learn a thing
to have a blog and learn to sing
the praises of their fellow man
do what  they need to, all they can.

This Earth would be a better place
if man loves himself and every race
what we do on a Thursday is united as one
because we want to live and have some fun.

Life is too short to be angry or feared
when we should be loving , respected , revered.
 be proud what you do and come together
because inside is the sun, no matter the weather :)

As the Blogging Community grows I decided to write about just what this means to me personally, I have NEVER met so many wonderful people in this World as I have within the internet community, and that includes twitter, yes I have a life, yes I do things like everyone, but you know what? I treasure this time with you all, and therefore this poem is dedicated to YOU, my online friends :)

Do you agree that this World is better of with communities such as we are involved in? do you like doing what you do on your blog? or do you just do it for "something to do"


  1. Love your poem, William. I am in total agreement. I've met so many lovely people on the internet, including you.

    CJ xx

  2. I LOVE THIS! Some of my best friends are ones I made online :D

  3. @atimetoshine
    thanks very much for your kind comment :)

  4. Oh I really do enjoy my time on my blog. It is a time to write and think and share. I am happy that others read and leave comments. I do like that part of meeting new friends. I met you on my blog and I am so happy I did. It is nice.. Well the little one just got up.. Got to run..

    Have a great day. Tomorrow is Family Fridays again.

  5. u r so very funny and sharp,
    the image on top makes me smile!
    vivid and cute...
    I admire that u r full of wonders all these times.
    amazing piece.

    i did not get on the computer for 10 hours,
    feel somewhat low when i read someone's comment in my blog, asking me to change to rule to sunshine award and reduce to 3 people only...
    she can choose to keep it, but it is hard for me to change the rule, as u know, many people followed already, I can NOT take it back.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. beautiful sentiments william. i never would have thought i would make so many wonderful friends online through my blog. perhaps there is a thing or two to be learned from this experience.

  7. its such a beautiful poem... I would agree that i have met so many wonderful writers and people through this media... well written :)

    award for you at my blog :)

  8. I think it goes without being said...FOR ME! :) I LOVE your work. I LOVE your energy. I LOVE your dedication. I LOVE it all! :) Thank you for the beautiful and touching words! :)

  9. I've really enjoyed your blog. Stop by my site to see the Cornucopia of Awards.

  10. That was so sweet William! I love it!!

  11. @Yousei Hime
    thank you all my kind friends, this poem is all about YOU :)

  12. I love this poem Billy as you know I have met and become friends with many wonderful people from all over the world. Look at us we met on the internet and over time became best friends, a friendship that has lasted ten years and will still last many years to come. You are part of my family who loves you as much as I do. Uncle Billy is a big part of Jason and Krystal's lives. They love their Uncle Billy and they look up to you too.

  13. Ow Billy, this was a lovely dedication. It's easy to hide but those of us that are "real" can't hide who we really are. When we write our poetry what we feel comes to the fore and I feel like you get to know people on a different level maybe? I dunno lol! Loves yer!!

  14. "Very well said William"!!! I tell ya I've meet so many people and it is such fun!!! I can hardly keep up :) Jingle got us moving and shaking all over the world!!!! I enjoyed your poem very much and the computer picture just the right touch. :)

  15. You are absolutely 100% percent correct, and if not for the internet and twitter, I wouldn't have been blessed with your friendship and kindness!

  16. Happy Friday Morning!
    A new day,
    a new beginning,
    new hope,
    fresh, novel, and full of energy.
    shake that off,
    u r fine!

    No school on Friday, I may be late.

  17. "Life is too short to be angry or feared"
    such wonderful words!
    I started writing in my Blog for me, something I loved to do, to share my life. I was surpised to meet so many wonderful people.
    We all are part of this time, this life. We may never see each other face to face but with our words we connect.
    Thank you for this poem Love You all,
    Gerardine xx

  18. Award for u William

  19. wonderful words from a wonderful person.

    I have a small award for you, please collect it from my blog: and make me very, very happy.
    With warmest wishes,

  20. You are absolutely right my friend...way to capture it in poetry. I am inspired by you all each time I log on. I look forward to your comments, your poetry, your friendship. This has been a wonderful experience. It enriches my soul. I am eager to continue making friends here!


  21. Enjoyed that poem: The simplicity of the message it conveys is very favourable. I don't quite fit into the 'no arguments or temper' allusion, but the other sentiments you made are admirable as ideals in this brave new online world.

    You're among the finest of blokes I've met via Twitter, and the praise and encouragement you've given over the past couple of months is appreciated. It's great you enjoy the crap I write/record, as while others do make the odd complimentary remark, you are the only bloke who backs those up with frequent commenting on my website. So thanks Will; online media needs more blokes like you.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.


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