Friday, 5 March 2010


Fridays are full of fun
over at Amy's place
also we join the Petersons
all in one loving space.

Friday is a time to write
about your family past
or maybe even the future
you know its gonna last.

Friday is a time for reading
stories on other blogs
it may be about your cousin
or your nephew who ate some frogs!

Friday is a time for remembering
the days when you were young
like the time you went fishing
or in front of your family you sung?

Friday is for remembering good times
even sad times you cannot hide
but no matter the subject or post
we know you will do it with pride.

So come along to Amy's place
were you are welcomed with open arms
you may even get a cup of coffee
from the Petersons if you offer your charms.

Friday is for the family
it will never change, no way
so get your pens a ready
and make this a special day :)

I have been an avid fan of Amy and the Petersons Family Friday for a few weeks now, last week my post was sad, yep, but we cannot always be sunshine and roses, however this week, the poem is dedicated to the actual guys who RUN this fantastic day, Amy and the Petersons , they make this special, so why not join us, everyone is welcome...

I know many of you participate in special days, what is your favourite?


  1. nice. theme thursday saved me 9 months ago helping me gain traction with my blog. lately i have been doing 55 fridays and 160 sundays, which are both a challenge to keep it short. oh well, it all fun...thursday poets rally takes the cake though. smiles.

  2. Dearest William,

    I do whatever is FUN but mostly for the challenge.
    Doing memes can be very informative and getting to know great people too , like YOU!

    have a great weekend.


  3. I have a meme for almost every day lol and sometimes more than one :) your poem was so cool William..I love it!

  4. Okay I am in tears.. You are such a sweet person to me. Thanks for adding in my friend in this post. She is an amazing woman too. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and I am so happy you take the time to stop by. It just means so much. I hope you do not mind but you so remind me of my uncle that is no longer with us. Thanks again.. Off to wipe away the tears..
    Have a great weekend..

  5. I love it! You are so talented and I love that you wrote a poem about Family Fridays! I just wanna find you and give you a big ol' hug!!!! You are now officially a part of my family just for doing that!!!

  6. graceful,

    thank u for the fun!

  7. I added your link to my Family Friday post today...
    Have fun.

    Poets' Rally my favorite, this second...
    thanks for the love and embrace.

  8. My head spins with all of the activity you all participate in! :) I am amazed at all of you! :) Hope you all have a beautiful Friday with your families! :)

  9. Billy you did a great job penning this poem for Amy and the Peterson's Family Friday. It was really fun to read.

  10. Billy, I went to your friend Peterson's blog and read her story for Family Friday, Sorry, I didn't see anywhere to leave comments so I couldn't leave a comment. Will you please let her know that I enjoyed reading about her camping trip with her daughter and class. It reminds me of the days that I took my girls camping, and when I took the youth from the Salvation Army Church camping. Those were some good memories she brought back to me. Tell her I said thanks.

  11. I wish I had a family like Amy's! Awesome dedication to her! Did I tell you today you rock my socks <3<3

  12. Hi There William...I have the biggest smile on my face now...I loved your poem and its special meaning...Thanks for stopping by as well..Hey did I tell you Im glad I found you and your Blog..No..? Well I am ...You are sunshine..!

  13. Good Morning William,

    Thank you so much for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit and to catch up on some of my family history. I have lots of that to share.

    I have been reading some of your postings and am especially fond of your poetry. Thanks for writing one about the Family Friday's. That was my first time to post on Amy's sight.

    When you have time, come on back to the farmhouse and peruse my archives. We are new to East TN and are in the midst of REmodeling a century old farmhouse. So, we are facing many challenges!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love Amy and the Peterson's. This poem is a wonderful tribute to them!

    I'm a follower now. I hope you have a great weekend!


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