Saturday, 27 March 2010


Standing by the window
tears flow from my eyes
losing you was criminal
but hardly a surprise.
I met you many years ago
you were always in my life
in every dish I chose to cook
even cooked by my wife.
I peeled your outer shell
to feel your slippery skin
but you slipped between my fingers
then fell into the bin !
Shredded in my Pot
your aroma filled the air
the smell was so delicious
colored light and fair.
When I attempted to eat you
horror entered my mind
I couldn't eat this onion
the one that made me blind.


  1. lol. love me some onions...but not enough to stop eating them. happy saturday william....

  2. William,
    how are you this morning?

    top humor here,
    love the last two photos,
    you truly rock, dear!

  3. Standing by the window
    tears flow from my eyes
    losing you was criminal
    but hardly a surprise.

    you always make your words dance with musical sound, merry and solid,...

    humans eat vegetables and meats, wow, plants and animals are part of nature and they do have lives...
    you have a good point there,

    Happy Saturday!
    Please be careful not to choke when you eat but try to have a laugh too,

  4. Ha ha ha... WONDERFUL FUNNIES, William!
    If I have to pick a winner, it will be YOU!
    Hhmmm.. my late Dad used to make JOKES
    with his tummy... not funny at all! LOL

    The Onion Joke is way COOL!
    I am still crying from laughing...
    You are such a blessing, William!

    Thank you for making the funnies Rock!

    You are so KEWL!

    hugs with love,

  5. @Sh@KiR@ CK
    YOUR the one that makes it special dear....thanks a million xxx

  6. This was so funny! I'm sad you didn't link up with me too :( click here if you wanna..

  7. Love the picture the cat wearing a lime peel! Very funny!

  8. LOL this poem is cute and funny. Leave it up to Billy to bring a little laughter into your day. Love the poem, Love the pictures, Love you, and I Love onions.

  9. Yea ha-ha-ha enjoyed your funnies! You make any poem talk & exciting!!!! Hope it rubs off on me!!! "Happy Saturday" Sir William :)
    Luv ya

  10. @Helen

    lol thanks ladies and welcome back Helen xx

  11. I love how you write and am cracking up at the toons!! Is this your main blog? I get confused easily, lol!

  12. @Adoption of Jane

    lol thanks dear, yes this is my main blog, but I have short stories, I do blog promotions, and also a public poetry page lol, thanks for visiting, the other links to my blogs are at the top of this page xx

  13. loved the picture of that cute cat, and the poem was simply fantastic :) :)

  14. The pieces of onion
    Peeling it slowly as the seconds go
    The undressing falling tears joyously cry
    By the window the cool fresh air

    As the peeling knife edges in
    The juices drip the hunger flow
    Somewhere the cooking will flourish
    By the hands cooking the dishes

    The slides peeling away
    Never afraid to get into the hot wok
    Bubbling with enthusiasm for a cause
    For healthy living live to tell stories

    The bubbling oil all eager to embrace
    The chopped onions juicy strikes
    The aroma travelling out of the window
    The wing insects stopping by to smell

    The aroma lingers
    Of scent and peeling flow
    By the window the cool breeze blow
    The tears fall the taste of living

    28/3/10 9.32pm

    p/s I enjoy it Take care

  15. Fun! LOL!! Thank you for the laughter!
    Gerardine xx


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