Saturday, 20 March 2010


Darkness falls upon the village
birds don't sing anymore
except an owl hooting loudly
and the shriek of the rampant wild boar.

The last person lived till ninety four
the rest died before they were twenty
caused by a witch burned to the stake
after her they died a plenty.

Who was this woman? why was she killed?
only a few did know
they say she practised witchcraft by night
reaping for which she would sew.

She lived alone with her cat
he was as black as night
into the small witching hours
you heard him screech and fight.

Smoke came from the chimney stack
colors vibrant with light
to the naked eye one could see
figures amassing so bright.

Tall figures short figures animal like
were born from the color of gold
hardly a soul lived to tell
the story of darkness untold.

What were those figures why were they here?
only the lady knew why
all that was known that each new night
figures were born in the sky.

Disappearing into the night
no one knew were they would go
or the purpose of their birth
no light could anyone throw.

All of a sudden an angry crowd gathered
to catch the witch in the act
she was accused of black magic they say
no one could back up that fact.

At 10.35 on a chilly day
the witch paid the price of her ways
only a lady of ninety four
remembered those actual days.

To this day the smoke appears
even though the house is decayed
if you look very closely into the smoke
the figures still appear BE AFRAID!

I wrote this poem one night after watching the movie "darkness falls" this kind of thing has always fascinated me, mythology black magic ect etc, no im not of the occult lol but it fascinates me, perhaps this poem was real at one point in history, who knows.

Do you think such people existed? or do you think its all fiction??

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  1. I've never watched that movie, but now I want to! Excellent work!

  2. shivers...freaky pic...cant imagine being burned...yikes. have not seen the movie either...maybe to check it out...

  3. I always assumed those mystical creatures were not real until last weekend in the woods with a the fuzz-panted wild and dark ones, and the figures born in the sky.


  4. I believe in witches. And magic...both good and black. You should visit Louisiana sometime. They still have practicing Voodoo peoples!

  5. yes,
    there are witch crafts,
    i saw it happen when I was a child...
    thank you for sharing!


    nominate a poet when you accept it,
    Beth have 4 awards so far,
    only accepted one,
    thank you for the attention!
    take care!

  7. Hello Billy, home from the hospital and will send you an email later. Love your poem, but with this old ticker of mine have to watch so much excitement. LOL Great poem my friend.

  8. thanks friends for your kind comments and WELCOME back Viola xx

  9. Hello Sir William good interesting poem! Black magic and voodoo are real,and it's dangerous to mess around with.
    Have a good night see you soon.
    Luv ya :)

  10. William dear,

    I love the picture. Amazing graphic.
    I love the poem as it is written as
    a after thought , after the movie you watch,
    which makes it a most detailed review of
    movie! Then, of course, you let your imagination
    run wild, bring us a BETTER MOVIE than Darkness Fall.

    I used to watch a lot of horror fictions but
    nowadays, I have yet to find one almost
    as good as Exorcist and if you ever watch the Asian , especially Thai GHOST movies... you will be VERY AFRAID. LOL

    Excellent prompt, picture and movie.
    plus your superb imagination,


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  12. Oh William, it was my fault. I must have done something to my post when I transfer the html code from Blogspot to Wordpress!

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    Oh and we have one more new participate,


    Hope visiting them will tickle your funny bones as they did me. lol

    Looking forward to your post. YOU ROCK, my friend.
    I know I can always count on your support and from now on,
    after five incidents of participates not entering link or wrong links.
    I will do up the MC LINKY! Until I find a better solution. lol

    Love you MORE!


  13. what a scary picture.... when i was young, i used to want to be a witch... these things fascinate me as well.... anything paranormal or supernatural is always fascinating... :)

  14. I got a little freaked out when I read the lines about the woman living alone with her cat because I live alone with my cat and she jumped into my lap just as I got to that part of the poem. Strange, huh?

  15. Could be real! I do know that this poem is perfect to scare someone.
    Chilling lines:
    “Who was this woman? why was she killed?
    only a few did know
    they say she practised witchcraft by night
    reaping for which she would sew.”

    The photo adds to the ghostly feeling. Love this poem!
    Gerardine xx


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