Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The atmosphere is intense
you need eyes at the back of your head
take your eyes off the ball
and you are sure to be dead.
Women's covered faces
expressionless and cold
tears run from their eyes
females young and old.
Terror covers the streets
young men passing on rusted bikes
not knowing who to trust
dodging all the spikes..
Bombs going off in far away streets
screams can be heard for miles
camouflaged by smoky fields
bodies lying in piles.
Our unit sheltering from terrorists
everyone is always on edge
a man grasps on a towered building
then falls quickly from the ledge.
Fires set everywhere, smoke is thick
a place that never sees the light
touring for many Years
daily you have to fight.
Hospitals are full of wounded people
medicine is desperately low
doctors covered in blood and sinew
nurses running to and fro.
Bodies piled up ready to burn
its a nightmare will anyone waken?
children wounded as young as five
scared, tired, forsaken..
The fight for freedom goes on
and always the innocent suffer
armies will always give chase
and be used when they need a buffer.

I wrote this poem just when the Iraq War had ended joyous times for the people but sadly the killing and wounding would not end there and sadly it goes on to this day, we wonder whether there will ever be peace in Iraq to allow our Soldiers to come home to their families, lets hope so.

Do you have anyone serving in Iraq or know of anyone? how long have they served?

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  1. I have known a few people who had served. Wow you post sure have been deep this week. Have a great day.. I am leaving you something on my blog today and it is for a great cause..

    This is for a great cause and I hope you join in...
    Happy Early Easter.


  2. Wow you hit it right on the head...painful and emotional...and useless in many cases..!William you have knack for capturing the essence of all..!!

  3. tight post wiliam. i have several friends overseas ight now...your words touched me.

  4. you write as if you are the soldiers at the war,
    thank you for the highlight,
    no matter what reasons,
    war kills,
    war leads to pain and suffering on both sides..

    beautiful poem
    powerful message!

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    solutions for the math problem is out!
    thank you for the comments left there.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. My cousin has made 3 tours of duty to Iraq. Very sad indeed.

  7. my daughter and nieces have friends in Iraq. Wars are always sad.

    Tales on Tuesday - Lost in Space

  8. I do have friends and their friends serving there. I do not like Wars, it is the evidence of the existence of EVIL. Great poem. Love you!

    Happy Tuesday!


    Alice is lost in Space

  9. When my oldest daughter was three, I enrolled her in a pre-school class. It was only two days a week, and she loved it. I stayed and helped out, or rather sat on the floor while she and her friend sat on me, one on each knee. Eventually he started running around, then came back to pull her into the center of the room to dance.
    It has been a few years since then, but I can still see then and hear their laughter.
    I found out he died last year in combat…
    Gerardine xx

  10. This poem is so heart breaking, but it is life, and life is full of pain. I pray for our Soldiers and their family every day. Thank you Billy for sharing this poem with us.

  11. We are so blessed to have such powerful people keeping us safe. We thank them daily!

  12. reading your poem makes so thankful i did not grow up in such troubled and war torn environment... :)


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