Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It all started out well
Pa was respected by all
the Boss he worked for liked him
but pa was in for a fall!

One night his inquisitive son
wanted to know were his Pa would go
always wondering what he did
keen, yet determined to know.

He slipped under the back seat
of his Fathers newish car
catching blinking lights in the street
going out of Town by far.

At an abandoned warehouse they stopped
the boy got out after all was clear
he found the whole episode exciting
his hand was shaking with fear.

He found a crack in the door
through it he saw a man
he was standing in front of the entrance
thats were the nightmare began.

he was deafened by a loud bang
as three men hit the floor
the man at the door was shouting
then rushed to open the door.

The boy tried to run in the pouring rain
but the fence was too high to climb
he was numb and full of fear by now
at this horrid henious crime.

The Boss's son was ruthless
he would kill for any reason
he knew his father was in bad health
and would not last this season.

After they got home the boy couldnt speak
he was still in shock from that night
now he knew what he was desperate to know
trying to hide it with all his might.

The Boss's Son not content with that
was out to eradicate his tracks
he sought to wipe out the boy and  his Mom
without even having the facts.

It turned out the younger brother had died
along with his Mom that night
Pa and the boy had to get out quick
avenged to make things right.

Pa started hurting the Mob deeply
by robbing their cash from banks
the more he stole the more it hurt
anything from dollars to francs.

A hit man was hired by the Boss
to find this man and boy
a ruthless guy was contracted
to locate and destroy.

Pa got revenge he caught everyone
including the Boss's son
he even got the Boss himself
now it was time to run.

Eventually the hitman caught them up
thats when Pa got a bullet in the back
the boy picked up the gun and fired
al he could do was aim then attack.

Pa was dead, the boy was all alone
as he backtracked to the farm
live the rest of his life in peace
stay out of treachery and harm.

Hi friends, no I am not in a Woe is me mood lol, most of the posts this week have been a wee bit solemn but then everything in life isnt all rosies and chocs lol, anyway today, this post is taken from a famous MOVIE, I think its recognizable right away but thats because I am writing this based on the movie lol, what I would like YOU to do today is....

Tell me what the Movie is??? good luck I am sure you will ALL get it....


  1. i will come back in a bit...sounds really familiar, but...nicely done story poem...

  2. hhmm... i've seen a couple of movies with this theme.. there's the one with josh hartnett... there's the one with jet li and jason statham... hmm...

  3. Another lovely post William. I liked it.

  4. Wow!! That is really nice. Beautifully written.

  5. @ishabellemanalo
    thanks all, Ishbelle you are on the right track !!

  6. I don't watch movie at all,
    thus will watch others do.

    would you write a poem for me?
    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Only two things come to mind...Batman & Lucky Number Slevin

  8. A powerful ballad. Nicely done.

  9. Is it called Gunslinger? I love Westerns! Lovely poem.

  10. @♥ Kathy
    good try KATH , sorry its none of them :(

  11. @repressedsoul

    sorry friend, no.. good attempt though :)

  12. @anthonynorth

    thanks a lot friends, please keep trying, famous film, great actors..:)

  13. have done an outstanding job at presenting your words in a way that we should get the right answer, but I am drawing a blamk right now! :(

  14. Brain fried, I'm usually so good at movies! Great post as always! I say it's not always cheery too!

  15. I hope that you enjoy a beautiful day!
    thank you for the powerful post!

    Raj nominated you for week 11 the perfect poet award, thus I skipped you and give my nomination to Doraz, who support me and comment for me for a long time!

    enjoy your wit!
    you are fantastic writer!

  16. The thought came to me while reading, that sounds like it is from a movie, but what movie I don't know since I don't watch that many movies. I am an Law & Order fan. LOL

  17. Wow, a famous movie, eh? Now... realize I have NOT peeked at anyone' comments. Is it about Jessie James? I have no idea. I do love how you move a story right along, a nice talent to have. I am not much of a story-teller myself, and I admrie that in those of you who do it so well.

  18. @Jannie Funster
    hehhehe I thought u would have gotten in right away, seems it is more difficult than it seems, I am going to leave it at that until some clever person comes up with the answer :) I appreciate everyone having a go :)

  19. Interesting read, my friend.
    I can't guess the famous movie, being that I don't watch that many, but the story is pretty captivating.

  20. It's Interesting!

    is this theme westertn movie?

  21. Your writing is amazing William and I'm so glad I made it here today.. Kinda scary poem but beautifully written as always

  22. I love story’s in poetic form, You've expressed this so beautifully.Well done :)


  23. @souldosethanks a lot dear your very kind xxx

  24. lol friends, I am keeping this going, some day, someone will guess the movie I am confident any guess will do, dont be scared to have a go :)

  25. I have absolutely no idea, but it's a great poem!

  26. I am stumped! Its not a western to modern feeling, gangs, maybe ..Still I haven’t a clue. A guess is, Hitman..

    Great line I can feel the rain, fear and his heart pounding:
    “The boy tried to run in the pouring rain”

    Love the poem..
    Gerardine xx

  27. @Gerardine Baugh

    Gerardine, u are VERY close.... if we were playing cold-hot, u would be touching at hot xxx

  28. great going, William by keeping ur blog alive with everyday features!
    I wrote one for you today- please leave a comment...

  29. It's 'Road to Perditon' william, I'm sure of it! Tom Hanks; Paul Newman and Daniel Craig.


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