Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Just finished it was time to relax
put the pen away go on vacation
the deadline was met for once
I'm happy with this situation.

Jump in the car and head out
to peace and solitude
had enough of the Rat race for now
and peoples attitude.

I go to my home in the Country
were I can hang and relax in peace
I agree the weather is brutal
but my anxiety will cease.

Driving through the thickened snow
cannot see a thing ahead
lots of stags strayed on the roads
surprised they are not dead!

Visibility non existent
car sliding out of control
nothing can be done here
the car is on a roll.

The next thing I knew was lying here
in a warm luxurious bed
the surroundings are unknown to me
perhaps I am really dead!

In comes a lady of middle age
bouncing and singing away
my leg has been plastered
the pain has lasted all day.

She slips a pill in my mouth
and gently allows me to drink
the pill goes down with some effort
no time to stop and think.

She introduced herself to me
as I try to picture her face
she knew who I was right away
my focus was in outer space.

Here we are again folks, GUESS THE MOVIE TIME lol, none of you guessed my last movie post however I am keeping it open because I am certian someone will get it eventually, now this one is easy peasy so I expect EVERYONE to get it, no clues here except in the poem itself. If no one guesses the movie I will be posting another part on saturday after thursday rally and family friday... have fun :)

What is the name of the Movie???  comments will NOT  be posted if u get the right answer to allow others to have a go, then ALL comments will be posted afterwards.


  1. so, just in case i get that right figured i would actually say hi in a second comment...been a good couple days away but have sorely missed all my friends...

  2. good luck for those who join the fun guessing...

    beautiful poem!
    you always play with the words fairly and beautifully.


    I know you have already accepted the award, please nominate a poet from our Rally participants list when you are ready...
    have fun today!

  4. Loved this poem...brb with my comment on the answer :)

  5. It's Misery by my all time favorite author Stephen King ♥

  6. The matrix?

    Oh man I would love to take a pill to end the rat race for just a day ... lol Great poem as always!

  7. Well, you had me believing it was you! :) I do have an idea what movie it can be. Should I stay or should I go? :) Wait, that is a song! lol :) Have fun today!

  8. @Alexis AKA MOM
    very close mom but sorry no, thanks for haing a go xx

  9. @Ji

    oops sorry Ji will be over soon :)

  10. This is fun my friend but I have to be honest and say I have no clue. I have watched many movies that this could be but I am terrible with remembering name. I love the poem.

  11. are you talking about miss her he ?

    or missed her re:old friends

  12. I do not know what the movie is. I just saw the snow picture and that made me sad. I hope I do not see any more of that until next Winter..

    Have a great day..

  13. @Jannie Funster

    Congratulations JANNIE, BRIAN AND KATH it is indeed MISERY, one of my all time favs, thanks everybody for playing along, remember my other post is still unknown lol, have a bash :)

  14. well I never would have guessed it, I have never seen the movie, lol. fo a moment I thought you were talking about you, lol.


  15. i liked your idea of creating poems for movies... it;s fun trying to guess which movies your poems are from... :) it also shows how talented you are because you can write about so many things and assume so many personas... *wink*

  16. I know the feeling well. Well said.
    You'll find mine here.

  17. It is Misery.. I just seen that movie again on retro..
    William.. I almost have a heart attack! Thank GOD it was a movie.
    Bless you for making it so surreal!
    Mine is here if you got the time to visit me?
    Happy Easter!

  18. coming here for the first time.
    Nice and short poem.I liked it.
    will come back again
    take care

  19. Misery..I knew it..!! Woo Hoo.. Love that poem..!

  20. this is a movie? But William, why you gotta be like this I don't know movies... Let me guess, nah I can't guess and to avoid cheating I didn't read the other comments...... Gotta hand it to you, your creativity when it comes to poems is unique and I'm loving it... The movie is, is there a clue? Oh I give up

  21. dear william,
    very interesting poem. you painted it with utmost perfection.
    loved reading it.
    with lots of affection,

  22. Great as usual my friend! Love your work!


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