Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Time for another visit to the gym
man just look at the body on him!
tall , toned, muscled and fit
churning out funnies, spurting out wit.

Here am I a cross between
a huge beached Whale off an ocean scene
puffing and panting,out of breath
if I go on that I will meet my death!

Starting up the rowing machine
mind is geared ,eager and keen
sailing away on the spot
this isn't so bad the pain is forgot.

Lifting some weights over my head
if I drop this on me I will be dead
feels like I'm holding a massive ton weight
life in my hands scared of my fate.

Time for the pressups on the floor
people watching me at the door
having a laugh while I turn Gray
having no energy to have my way.

Sweat pouring off me like a tap
calories burning right off the map
hope I feel better after this lot
I want the body he has got.

Stretching the muscles I knew I had
hoping that later I won't feel bad
eating crisps and chocs won't do
this is serious not even a few.

Off to the showers,pounds I have lost
not a care in the world or counting the cost
stop by McDonalds for a good feed
losing weight and keeping fit is pleasureable indeed.

HEHHEHE a bit fun today friends, people get sooooooo obsessed with the Gymn I just had to write a poem about it, some friends I know go a lot, while others either jog everyday or do some other physical workouts, now I am not knocking it, if you wanna be fit, good luck, its just some people go to extremes..

Are YOU a member of a Gym? Do you keep fit regularly? what exercises do you do?


  1. lol. one thing i do not obsess about is exercise. that may not be a ood thing. lol.

  2. Ha ha ha. Indeed.
    Oh, William, you are being so playful and inspired.
    I love it.
    I think I may just go to the gym too.lol

    Love it.


  3. lol I'll just skip the gym and head to McD's :D

  4. LOL!! I love this; this is what happened when I tried to join. I was so out of place and out of shape- I am even more so now! LOL!!
    I for got that a lot of people head to the gym to meet people and look good.
    The only machine that helped me was an elliptical stepper –twenty minutes on that and I walked away rubber legged, but I lost some weight and toned up. I was also working a sixty to seventy hour work week and running with my dogs! Hmmm! That did help too.
    xx Gerardine

  5. Well....I did , but I cancelled it! I love to swim and do light weights. Right now I am walking...all over the place. I love to be outdoors! Exercise is good for my brain! :) Have fun now!

  6. I have a running machine at home, thus if I need physical exercise beside walking outdoors, I will run on the machine for at least 15 minutes.

    It is refreshing to get out, do some movement, and get sweaty and feel renewed after a shower.

    I feel like going after reading your post.

  7. William this is just too cute thank you, I always love to smile and laugh :D

  8. I do not go to the gym when I have one at my house my two year old. I do love to work out but lately nope. Have a great day. Great poem as always.

  9. lol i love this

    loooove it

    when i enter a gym i will have the same thoughts ..u notice the pple that r better than u

  10. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/the-best-blog-award/

    an award 4 u,
    enjoy the ride,
    u r cool!

  11. I loved going to the GYM but had to give it up because my knee kept going out on me. LOL This is a fun to read poem my friend, and I think you look just fine.

  12. I used to be a member of a gym but got fed up with all the fancy leotards and designer gear. So many people go to show off.

    Great poem, CJ xx

  13. this was so fun to read William ;)

    I don't go to the gym, 1 I can't afford it, lol and 2. I chase kids around all day, so there's my exercise, lol


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