Monday, 8 February 2010


In the days of silent movies
two men stood up proud
one was fat the other thin
Boisterous and so loud.

Comical gems of golden days
stunts were real to me
from falling off a high rise block
to jumping off a tree.

Explosions alive laughs a plenty
marriages came and went
piano music playing loud
 miracles heaven sent.

Rip roaring banter from silent mouths
echoed in that day
Action spoke louder than words back then
Nothing was needed to say.

Sadly now a memory
 But still living in my mind
Laurel and Hardy were their names
certainly two of a kind.

Comedy experts who made me laugh
movies with stories to tell
like video games, music too
for eternity they will sell.

I watch they’re movies with high esteem
a pair of high spirited clowns
My heroes will always live with me
I loved their ups and downs.

Thanks to the clowns of the silent days
Who pioneered what we have today
Everything was done with action
Acted in their own special way.

I don't think there will be many folks out there who do not like Silent Movies, the above guys were and still are my heroes, loved every movie they ever made, was lucky to get the complete collection for a birthday a few years back, and when I am bored I often get a movie out and watch it.

Did YOU like silent movies? who did you like and why??

Pictures are of the figures I have  and the print was given to me by a friend :)


  1. No, I don't care for them, because I like to hear people talk. LOL but my mom enjoyed them when she was living. I did thik some of they were funny, but so was I Love Lucy and I could hear what she said. LOL Oh, well that is what makes the world not to be boring, everyone is different.

  2. Okay with it,
    If it is very funny, then continue watching it..

    let me tell u somehing funny, English as a second language, many ofreign people come to America and they don't understand English at all, thus when they watch TV or movies with sound bites, for them, it is similar to silent ones, of course, music is heard...

    U R getting more fun with your post,
    great great, g8...
    Happy Monday!

  3. certainly a unique pair that provided some great laughs. been forever since i saw a silent movie...perhaps soon..

  4. I did not read your post today. I am sick so I just wanted to say hi I saw you came by. I will read this post tomorrow..

  5. They made me think the whole world used to be black and white!! Fun!!

  6. I have not watched one in a long time. When I have, they were fun. I liked to imagine what was being said and imagine I was part of the act. :) Have a great week!

  7. I just like to hear all of the music and watch the people move to it. It can be very interesting.. Have a great day.

  8. I haven't seen any silent movies except Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy.
    Full on laugh riot :D I used to find it particularly amazin how they faal and get hit and all kinda scary stuff without a scratch.
    You made me nostalgic William

  9. I love silent movies!! I remember where these guys talk- I would imitate Stan Laurel when he takes off his hat and scratches his head and starts to cry.. I never knew that they made those figurines,

    Great poem!!

    "Thanks to the clowns of the silent days
    Who pioneered what we have today
    Everything was done with action
    Acted in their own special way."

    And thank you, William for bringing them back.

  10. Another great one, sweet William. They were my favorites, too. I think I saw every movie they ever made. It was a shame that they both wound up paupers. They gave many of us so much laughter! A wonderful description of those comedic couple. The other comedy couple I enjoyed were Abbott and Costello! Love you, dear one, Love, and hugs, Mom Helen xxx


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