Monday, 15 February 2010


I remember the times when I was a lad
we took trips with our mum and dad
in those days when money was scarce
family trips were all that we had.

It wasn't a trip on an aeroplane
or a visit to sunnier climes
in days gone by you were just as happy
staying local and having good times.

Trips to the zoo to see the animals
were a highlight on many a day
big sis and her friend would take us there
to admire the animals and play.

A trip to the movies to see a film
was amazing to many a child
watching a film on a giant screen
would drive me and my brother wild.

A walk to the beach with mum and dad
in summer was an exciting thrill
and if the shows were visiting then
it was enough to give us a chill.

A ride on the waltzers, or on the bikes
was marvelous and a buzz you admired
and in those hot balmy summer days
you never ever got tired.

Those were the days when excitement was rife
when family meant a lot
kids would be happy with everything they had
not what mum and dad had bought.

Money was tight but we made a life
which was rewarding in many a way
you could make your time constructive
not playing video games all day.

Fresh air was the making of us
never an illness or disease had we
and the best thing all about it
was fresh air was always free.

When we were younger we never had GAME CONSOLES, the only entertainment we got was either playing outside, listening to records lol not cd's and if you were REALLY bored watching TV.In those days we had rarely an illness and even if we did it never lasted long because we wanted out again.

What was YOUR entertainment when you were young? what games did you play outside?
or perhaps you just liked to stay in? nothing wrong with that but you wouldn't have had any video games to keep you in (not saying everyone is as old as me lol) do yo agree kids today are zombified with staying in playing computer games, never getting out except for school? would love to hear from you.


  1. Dearest William,

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Lovely post,
    bringing back a lot of good memories.

    When I was young,
    I remember I like following
    my late dad to see his race horses.
    Having picnics , walks on the beaches,
    gardening or just goofing around.
    Dad was fun.

    Have you a great week.


  2. Ah Nostalgia strikes!

    Entertainment in our time was lot of outdoor activities and games. And family trips. Now that I think, its been ages since I went to a zoo!
    Kids des days are hardly into any physical activity. Result: Dull and Sedentary lifestyle and multi-tude of problems.

  3. Billy reading this poem made me homesick for my young days again. I have said it so many times those were the good old days. You write with so much love.

  4. we lived on a hill surrounded by woods...they captured our imaginations every single day...

  5. In the summers my Papa/grandpa would take my brother and I on fishing trips. It was a fun time. When we were not fishing I was off playing and enjoying the woods. When I was home I would play outside and have the tea parties, ride bikes, and try and keep up with the boys. It was fun to play outside until the sun went down. That was when I had to be home.

    Great writing as always. Thanks for sharing. My Family Friday's is this week if you want to write a poem or you could even use this one..

    Have a great day.

  6. Fresh air was the making of us
    never an illness or disease had we
    and the best thing all about it
    was fresh air was always free.

    loved these lines above, I am refreshed already by laying my eyes on these words, ;)
    Me, I grew up in countryside, no TV yet, thus I play outdoors, fresh air is free as you agree, all the way...I jump ropes, play card games, and more...

    U R So Kind and Neat!
    I could not comment on the special award below, thus thank U here...

  7. I enjoyed this poem very much. When I was young my best friend Michelle and I would wander her parent's cattle ranch. Her father had thousands of acres of land, and we could wander for miles. We would visit streams, rocky out croppings, and just lay on the grass gazing up at the big expanse of the Texas sky. What I would give for another one of those days.

  8. Love the poem and the new look on the blog. I've had to rest up from a long hard week. Glad to be back. Hope you're doing well.

  9. I saw the awards you gave out. What one did you want me to take? I guess I was lost about it.. Thanks..

  10. We didn't get a tv until I was around 13 and before then when I got to watch other people's tv's there were only 3 channels LOL dang, I'm old. Loved this! It totally took me back :) Thank you for the award sweetie! I'm was so surprised to get your comment today!

  11. Hi William oh so good those childhood memories.We played marbles,soft ball and in the woods was a big gully where we would ride down that hill inside the hood of and old car,I can hear the laughter still! We were raised in the country and searching for plums,peaches and good grape vines kept us quite busy wonderful poem William. :D

  12. Terrific poem - ahh the good ole days when entertainment involved imagination - our own.

  13. Once again you have captured our hearts! Memories are cherished in my household! I hope we all make many more! Hope all is well! Have a creative week! :)

  14. Dearest William,

    I have posted up your lovely award.

    I cannot thank you enough.


  15. I remember playing in a big box. I was easily amused:-)

    Hope you are doing well..xx

  16. Hi Billy, I loved your poem about yesterday. I like, too, inviting the reader's input. When I grew up I
    loved bicycling with my girlfriends or just dreaming and taking in the beauty
    of nature. I feel sorry for modern children watching too much ready-
    made imagery instead of using their own imagination. Mary Naylor

  17. Beautiful simple poem, interesting the way the first verse opened up rhyming in paired lines, and then you went to just rhyming 2nd and 4th lines in subsequent verses.


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