Sunday, 21 February 2010


Temperature rises
slowly by day
buds on trees
with winds do sway.

Bulbs peeping carefully
from thawing ground
scared to surface
from its earthen mound.

The first signs of squirrels
foraging for food
spring in the air
all is good.

Day by day the heat increases
shrubs start to grow and spread
ponds are clearing fish are swimming
no more the cold do we dread.

Birds are singing,new crops sewn
life seems better this day
bouncing with health, better weather
migrated birds come to stay.

Parks are full of kids playing
Parents watching their child
dogs barking, kites flying
everyone running wild.

Picnics packed, family outings
making the most of the fun
lovers walking hand in hand
under the beaming sun.

Nights are longer, moon is bright
stars twinkle a sight to behold
air is warm, smell of freshness
every day precious as gold.

Bulbs all flowering a treat to see
blankets of colorful delight
lasting for ages left unpicked
truly a fabulous sight.

Spring is near, cannot wait
to pack away the old heavy clothes
no more branches void of leaves
its beautiful what nature betroves.

After a harsh winter friends we are nearing Spring, for some of you Spring is probably here, but in the UK, temperatures usually increase around the end of March start of April, thats when you tens to see life, in warmer weather, peoplke go out, animals return from hibernation and everything around is colorful, as far as I am concerned roll on lol.

What do you like about spring?  what do you do??


  1. Blimey! Where do you live? We have thick snow here and it's still falling. There's no sign of spring anywhere near where I live!!

    CJ xx

  2. It is cool to smell the green leaves and budding flowers, I am all refreshed and entertained to read the poem of spring,
    authentic and animated portray of joy, activeness, rebirth, and hope spring could or has brought forth...

    what a post for relaxzations.
    hope that spring is near

  3. It is still rather snowy here but I know that spring is coming. I'll be looking for those peeping bulbs.

  4. It's still cold here but I'm wishing for Spring!

  5. yay! come on spring! its been teasing this weekend with 50 degree weather. i dont think we have seen the end of the white stuff though. nicely done...warm.

  6. I do yearn for spring now this winter has been col and unrelenting! Bring it on I say! Nice piece Billy!

  7. Really good William,I can't wait for "Spring" it feels like "Spring" today at 65 degrees but it won't last,the cold is coming back.We still have March and that's a funny month for us any kind of weather is possibly.
    Luv ya :D

  8. enjoy your talent!
    winter is here, spring is not far...
    be patient,
    it will arrive!

  9. I just love being warm and going out for walks.. I do love the baby animals too.

  10. Thank you for allowing me to follow you and experience the love and magic in your world through your friendly eyes! Hope all is well. :) Have a great week!

  11. Wow!! Lovely poem William. U have described the nature so nicely. Very good job. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for writing this it has brightened my day!!
    The picture is so cute and full of Easter colors and it just feels so 'good!'

    Once spring comes- I will be outside digging in the dirt.
    Love xx Gerardine Have a great day!!

  13. William I thought I left you a message to pick up your Blog award,ump mercy me I hope I'm not slipping up bad :) so please pop in at my Google sight and get your "Spot Light" award.


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