Sunday, 7 February 2010


Proud and queued in a silver display
waiting so eager for the brand new day
metallised wizardry greased and oiled
ready for using unhandled or spoiled.

Cars parking up ready again
thousands of people women and men
rushing towards us smiles on their face
children screaming looking in space.

Coins at the ready lighting the sky
pulling the tab out attempting to try
stuck in the middle bashing the thing
pulling the chain off give staff a ring.

Finally free now lets make a start
you go down that way, I'll do my part
wheels are wobbling, mind of its own
people enraged , some grunt and groan.

Aisles are a war zone some are knee deep
wish these darn things could honk and beep
you get the milk I'll get the soup
Pull it round that way not into that group!

Get to the checkout angry and stressed
only one cashier I might have guessed
half an hour later finally served
shopping all over, calm and reserved.

Trolley is back now wheels looking tired
If I had my way the lot would be fired
Shopping's a trauma causes divorce
Rushing like Horses around a racecourse.

Finally settled at home with a brew
counting the cost for goods you accrue
thinking on back to the poor used trolley
Battered and abused and you lose lots of lolly.

Some people like shopping but its not for me
too much hassle, not stress free
wish I could magic the shopping to here
instead of squirming and shaking with fear.

Hats of to you ladies and even some men
who do like shopping now and then
it's a rat race out there everyone for themselves
the aisles are your masters , even the shelves.

A bit of fun for a Sunday friends, my favourite pastime LOL, not, shopping, do not like grocery shopping .clothes shopping or any kind of shopping, yeah I go, because I live on my own, however its like I have a rocket inside me racing round to get out quickly lol.

Do YOU like shopping? and the guys do YOU like shopping, would love to hear your views, because believe it or not some WOMEN do not like shopping hehe.


  1. Fun Poem Billy. It seems that everyone is in a hurry this day and time. Why, I find the reason they are in a hurry is to get nowhere. LOL, When I was a deli clerk, and the baker, and the cake decorator at Food Lion, I found that none of us ladies could cut meat and cheese fast enough, for some people, nor could I bake the bread, cool it off, and bag it fast enough for some people, not to mention the ones who came at the last minute and get upset when you don't have time to decorate them a special cake. We all need to take a deep breath and slow down. You are rushing your life away when you get in a hurry while shopping or anything else that you do. I don't like going shopping because people who are in a hurry makes me dislike it. Not to mention most of them who are that way get right down rude. Well, I know you are not that way my friend, but so many are.

  2. i have been found in the corner of shopping aisle crying in the fetal position. lol. shopping is one of my least favorite things...

  3. Dearest William, from your poetry is such a
    I dislike shopping too.
    I dislike crowds.
    Most of all I hate spending

  4. Hi William .. good to meet you - thanks for popping over to my sight - re the sunshine award ..
    Have a good Sunday - it's cold down here in Eastbourne, though we did have the sun for a while ... go well ... Hilary

  5. :D :D You nailed it William as usual! So good and funny to,shopping is fun sometimes and it's less fun now since my knees give me a fit! I really enjoyed the read. William since Viola is posting her poems here I'm leaving her :Sunshine Award" here and I'll have her pick it up,and Thanks again for honoring me with it! :D
    Love ya

  6. Hello,

    Yes, I do all the shopping at my household.
    but never or rarely over spent...
    shopping is a song,
    let's sing along,
    Get me something free,
    Make me a new happy day!

  7. I hate shopping. I like to go in and get out fast. Never seems to happen. I found that every time I walk into a store someone has to run into me. Even when I’m standing still!

    Now, when I go shopping I talk to my groceries. “Hello, little tomatoes are you having a nice day.” I am given plenty of room in the aisles and the seas open up for me to leave quickly. Makes shopping fun!

    Love your poem; I can feel the hurry, hurry of shopping.
    “Finally free now lets make a start
    you go down that way, I'll do my part
    wheels are wobbling, mind of its own
    people enraged , some grunt and groan.”

    Gerardine xx have a great Sunday!

  8. You hit it right on with your wonderful words! Shopping is something I have to do. It is not really something I like to do. It is more fun when you have a crazy friend along, right? :) Stay well. Have a great week! :)

  9. I so love to shop. I just we had a money tree so I could do it all of the time. My little one does too. I guess she takes after me. My husband likes to shop for food. So it all works out.. Happy SUnday..

  10. Wishing U A Happy Morning!
    Be Porductive,
    Be Free!

    I appreciate your kind comments all the way!

  11. lol thanks friends, it seems shopping isnt a popular thing worldwide as it is here, except our Amy who loves it, power to you dear xx

  12. I don't like to shop either.. I did not inherit that women's gene..

    I can find what I need in two minutes in a store and out I go...

    I do however work freelancing as a shopper.. and than I love it ..because I'm getting paid.. If that makes sense.

    Thanks for visiting my blog; because now I got to see your blog.. very nice..

  13. Great poem. I enjoyed this quirky topic

  14. Shopping can be fun provided you get your space and are not being pushed around. I avoid going for any kinda shopping on weekends. A weekday afternoon is the best time.


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