Saturday, 6 February 2010


for people who believe 
they will come back
as something else living
off the beaten track.

If I came back
I would like to be
a large sniffing hound
looking for a tree!

Or a busy bee
buzzin all the way
lookin for honey
on a summers day

maybe a fly
eating you sugar
dodging your swats
like an awsome Cougar.

A whale in the sea
swimming in the ocean
calling the family
jumping in motion.

or a cat on the prowl
awaiting my prey
sitting on a fence
patient all day.

Perhaps I could be
a lovely flower
standing erect
avoiding a shower.

Grass growing wild
in the countryside
no one to trample me
not even a child.

Or a little mole
burrowing my home
the world as my oyster
with places to roam.

Maybe a high flying bird
the world as my view
searching for food
getting it from YOU.

Perhaps a race horse
running with speed
in a huge grassed paddock
complete with feed.

Or a huge hairy spider
weaving my web all day
waiting for a fly
to feed me on the way.

Whatever I become
I will learn to survive
but for now im still here
and plan on staying alive.

Re incarnation is a subject which interests me, now this is not a sad poem its widely discussed and some people say we do come back as something else, so I have listed some of the things I would like to come back as, perhaps not the spider lol as I am terrified of them, but the others would be ok...

So friends, do YOU believe in re incarnation? even if you don't, what would you like to come back as?


  1. Good Afternoon, Wiliam:

    Wow, U Rock!
    I love this funny little poem,
    Creative, funny, and attractive...

    what An extraordinary master who sculpts with clay
    and enlighten us all for joy...xxxx

  2. There is a magic I don't know,
    Someone turned William younger looking, hohoho,
    He shines bright with twinkling light,
    It is pleasant to visit his blog site...

    Inspired by handsome and cute little man William,
    He makes Jingle giggle
    and whistle...

    ;) ;) ;)

  3. LOL can you see why my family and I love you so much. You are full of fun and playful mind and heart. A good heart of gold too. I think we have talked about this subject many times and you always make it fun to think about, although I don't believe we will come back as anything. An angel maybe or that is what I would like to think we would come back as. WAIT A MINUTE, I FORGOT, BILLY, YOU ARE AN ANGEL! LOL

  4. nah, but if i did perhaps a manta ray or a pygmy marmaset...or a panda. funn one today william. hope you have a great saturday!

  5. I am not sure if you do come back..

    I know I have some sunshine on my blog for you today..

  6. TAg you're it!

  7. Heyy William another really good poem,I don't believe we come back as anything,but I'd like to be the grass growing wild in the country side,no one to trample me not even a child! That's such a picture of peace to me,and having peace is what I love! "Congratulations William" On winning the "Sunshine Award"!!!! Yeaaaa you deserve it! For you bring us such happiness day after day!!!! :D :D I'll pick up my Award when I'm feeling better and Thank you so much :D .

  8. As you have probably gathered by now, I believe very much in the afterlife; enjoyed your poem very much.

    CJ xx

  9. Amazing and light hearted poem. I want to come back as erm...maybe a loved labrador lol


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