Saturday, 27 February 2010


On arrival it was dark
the house looked old and shaky
an old owl hooted in the night
the door knob was loose and flaky.

The stench of damp and decay was rife
it had not been alive in years
the feelings that engulfed both of us
became fraught with sadness and tears.

Dust filled the cobwebbed air
as the lights refused to go on
the switches were loose and rusty
thank goodness it was nearly dawn.

The noisesin the house were very loud
as it settled down for the night
creaks and groans filled the air
we were both as high as a kite!.

Fear gripped us like a vice
as we stepped into a room
just as we were about to speak
Joan tripped over a well used broom.

She landed on the dusty floor
her pride hurt more than she
trying not to laugh out loud
I kept the roar in me.

We lit the candles in the room
both terrified to move an inch
after what we both had experienced
the rest would be a cinch!

The place was as old as Methusela
but we didn't care about that
having bought it for a measily amount
we were not about to scat.

Too terrified to get out of bed
even for the lou
imaginationations running riot
thinking someone is waiting for you!

Dawn peeked through the netted vale
and the house looked better by day
it was time to face the decorating
because we will definitely stay.

Lol, we have all had houses like this one, we see the potential, dont care about how much work is needed, its a great feeling, but old houses can be scary at first, its all in your imagination, thank goodness its not Amytiville lol.

Have you had similar experiences? have you bought a home and renovated it?


  1. You are being very adventurous aren't you, William?
    My late grandma used to have a home like that and I love it.
    I have saved an old house, I thought it was haunted, lol
    Made it into a clinic for the poor.

    Have you a great weekend.


  2. I lived in some pretty wild apartments. When we bought our house we were lucky it was brand new and we were the first to live in it.

    Happy Weekend..

  3. Willaim , you have yet to collect your award from me, the HONEST SCRAP?


  4. No, sorry that I prefer to buy new house, my house is brought brand new and we lived in it for up to 9 years old. It saves time to repair and more...

    I am a very timid person and feel insecure and scared of old houeses,
    thank u for showing us the positive or appealing part of living in it.

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Fear gripped us like a vice
    as we stepped into a room
    just as we were about to speak
    Joan tripped over a well used broom.

    this is exactly what I would feel when I think about living in a house which is century old.
    u captured the emotions and reactions very vividly and I feel everything creppy right now.

    excellent poem!

  6. I ADORE old houses! I've never bought one but I've explored many :)

  7. fun one william. made me think of old houses i have chanced upon in the woods...always gives me a shiver....

  8. Hello William I've never bought a fixer-r-upper but we lived in a few :D at the creepy noise will make your heart pound!!!! Really good poem I enjoyed and got in a few smiles!!!! Have a happy Saturday William and I am thrilled you liked your gift!!!! :D

  9. We love to buy houses that need tender, loving care. We have a construction
    business, so we do it often! I love to see all of the changes. I also love to see new homes and buildings being built. :)


    an award 4 u,
    Happy birthday!

  11. Happy sweet 'sixteen' birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day.

  12. Dear William,
    Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day! May it return every year with greater happiness.

    That poem was a masterpiece. Read it with baited breath. You are a magician with words.
    Warmest regards


    Did a small tribute for you, hope you like it.


  14. A suspenseful, telling post. Enjoyed it. Thanks

  15. Happy Birthday to the most awesome friend out there. I hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers..

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you..

    You are too kind and I really am glad you found my blog..

  16. Well my friend you already know how much I love poems like this. As you know way back in my childhood my family seen and heard many strange things in two of the old houses that we lived in. Yes indeed they were haunted. I can still picture those houses today although they no longer stand.

  17. Happy 50th Birthday!

    U Rock!

  18. Brilliant! My favorite lines:

    “Dawn peeked through the netted vale
    and the house looked better by day
    it was time to face the decorating
    because we will definitely stay.”

    I feel that way every spring when I open the barn, I never know what decided to take up residence. I am thrilled to start a new project.

    Gerardine xx

  19. William , le pire qui me soit arrivé c'est d'être retourné chez mes Grand-Parents à Angers, rue de reculée et de ne plus voir leur maison, elle avait été détruite par les pelles mécaniques pour être remplacée par une pile de pont. Seul sur la gauche de la pile, un petit chemin subsistait, et un petit appentis était encore debout: là, je m'assis doucement, les doigts me frôlaient les cheveux, je n'avait pas peur c'était ceux de Louise et Renée, ils m'étaient familiers, nos ancêtres sont dans des dimensions parallèles... Comment ces hommes avaient-ils placer ce pont sur la maison de mon enfance que je peus encore regarder sur de vieux Magnetoscopes... J'allais quittés les lieux, quand je vis la carcasse de la vieille lampe tempête du Grand-Père. " Mimi" prends ma lampe... Je l'ai encore cette lampe, elle est accrochée au dessus d'un radiateur, de temps en temps elle se balance à la chaleur. Bien sûr que nos vieilles bâtisses sont habitées par les ancêtres. Ils attendent avec nous une résurrection que l'on nous annonce un 21 décembre de 2012 ... Profitons de nos vieilles bâtisses en trois dimensions, un coup de peinture, une nouvelle isolation... des nouvelles goutières. Mais tournons nous doucement, une petite bise nous frôle le nez... une toile d'araignée semble là depuis toujours, des dessins d'humidité tracent d'étranges figures... oui, oui ... Prions pour eux.
    Nos ancêtres.
    Michel @Sulpin


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