Friday, 26 February 2010


What has happened
who cares?
life is meaningless
night mares.

A little girl
innocent child
gets neglected
not even wild.

Parent wicked
shouldn't have kids
locks her cupboards
containers with lids.

House packed with food
but the kids not allowed
imagine their little tummies
rumbling so loud!

Starved to death
not allowed food
a lovely girl
proud she stood.

Why did this happen
was everyone blind?
were was the professionals
always behind!

the little girl was taken
out of school by her mum
why didn't the school wonder why?
because they were so dumb?

What's happening to this World
how can a parent kill her child
someone so innocent and lovely
passive, charmingly styled.

This has opened my eyes
what makes people so cruel
blood means nothing to them
disturbed,sadly a fool.

After watching the News today friends I was disgusted, it takes a lot for me to get riled but when I do I am VERY riled, a parent who shall remain nameless or go watch the BBC news online, starved her child which resulted in the girl dying from starvation? can u imagine doing that to your own child? Locking food cupboards so the kids couldnt eat? no way, we do make sure they eat properly, but in this case the little girl was deliberatley starved? I do not care what anyone says, but a Mother would protect her child to the death, animals do it, they know blood is thicker than water and will protect their young, but sadly not in this case....

What do YOU think about this? can you imagine letting YOUR child suffer like this??

Todays poem isnt a happy one, alas life isnt all roses and chocolates, we have to write about the bad as well as the good.


  1. wow,
    u have such powerful and remarkable message on the suffering child...
    it happens daily,
    it happens everywhere,
    hope that more people read your blog and
    take this poem as a reminder about how one shall respect and cherish innocent children.\

    top post of the day!

  2. Happy Family Fridays!

  3. I am glad you stopped by and posted this. I have seen this happen a few times on the news. I just do not get it. I just want to smack those parents. They lock their children up and go about their own day eating and doing as they please as their child sits in a room or closet. I would give anything for my child. She comes first. I will always make sure she has all she needs no matter what. I am her parent and I am here to take care of her. Even when she is 50. I will still be there..

    Thanks again for posting this and taking the time to share. It is great you did this..

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  4. I am going to check out her story. You write so well! So sad... what an absolutely Beautiful Child!

  5. A subject that really gets me going! All I have to say is...When people treat their pets better than their children. it really bothers me. If you do not "want" the child, give it up for someone who does want a child can! WOW!

  6. Hi William you're right we must share the bitter & the sweet.This is happening a lot more than we know and some of the Mother's are sick with mental diseases and as you said some just don't seem to care one bit about what happens to there children,I could not let my child starve to death on purpose.
    Luv you William

  7. it breaks my heart william. i see it everyday working in the field that i never stops hurting. can not ever imagine...

  8. moving,
    and breath-taking poem!

    Well, hope that u shake off the sad spirit along with the writing and enjoy an extraordinary day!
    u R A Cool Man!

  9. What a sad, sad thing to do to anyone, especially a child. I don't understand people who do such a cruel thing. And apparently no one did anything until it was too late. What a sad little life for that child. So many people want to be good parents and could give so much love, and yet someone like that monster is given the gift of a child and doesn't appreciate what they have been given!

  10. Hi,

    I give Viola a beautiful blogger award.

    thank u a zillion for the kind words.

  11. Thanks friends, for all your comments, this was tragic, tragic that in 2010 something like this still happens and is only noticed after its too late. thanks for your support :)

  12. william,
    Glad you liked the haiku, and thank you for your encouragement. Your poem is good, but the topic is terrible. I cannot imagine that. It makes no sense at all to me. I can't even think of what to say.

  13. Sad This brought tears to my eyes Billy. You are a wonderful writter always have been since we have known you. This is what the world goes through everyday. And sad to say yes it is true it is happening. Love Ya's Donna

  14. Dearest William,

    What a beautiful and passionate poem, William.
    Great job.

    I work very closely with abused and neglected kids,
    both my children being one , neglected and abused
    by her own grandchildren.
    My kids were also not fed and if they STEAL food,
    they will be punished severely by her own sick ways.
    Once when they try to call me, their own mother,
    both my kids were punished by their granny rubbing
    hot chilli on their face.
    Can you imagine?

    I am very blessed that I was able to get my kids
    and myself out from the marriage.
    In our case, it was due to my kids inheriting
    lots of money from their late grandpa.
    I am no longer surprised at just how
    EVIL people can be,
    I am sure if I did not fight back,
    she is capable of doing more,
    inhumane things to my kids.
    It is EVIL and as I believe in GOD,
    I do believe in EVIL.

    thank you so much for writing
    such a lovely tribute for
    the little girl,
    rest assure that she is better off now,

    have you a wonderful weekend.


  15. First, I would like to thank ji for giving me the beautiful blogger award. I am so thrilled and honor to be given this beautiful award. I am not sure where to go and thank you ji so that is why I am putting my thanks here. You are very loving and kind, and everyone loves you very much. I am honor and bless to have you for a friend. Thank you so much.

    To Billy. This poem is so sad and it breaks my heart to think anyone could do this to a child. Hunger is a terrible thing, but to have food and starve your child, you have to be insane. I am going to pray for this women's soul, but I am also going to pray justice will be done unto her for what she has done. The Bible teaches us to obey the laws of our land so if you do a crime then you have to do the time.

  16. Bad people hide the bad things they do. Sad!
    People get to busy to notice- great lines:
    “the little girl was taken
    out of school by her mum
    why didn't the school wonder why?
    because they were so dumb?”

    Hard poem to read, because when we see this going on , we are just as helpless as the children involved, no matter how loud we yell.


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