Monday, 1 February 2010


Gather the clothes
Lying on the floor
Reach for your socks
nose pegged at the door.

Carry piles of dirty gear
Cannot see ahead
Tripped over the cat
Landed on the bed.

Shirts, trousers, boxers
Gathered in a clump
Rubbing at your head
Man I got a lump.

Reach for the washer
Cat not amused
Turn on the power
Darn the thing has fused.

Separate the colours
Whites going in
Clothes still in the washer
weres the laundry bin?

Taking out the washed clothes
Hang them on the line
Curtains damp and heavy
I do not think they’re mine!

Pulling out the socks
One has gone astray
Put it in the odd sock drawer
To find its match some day.

clothes hung in an awry fashion
as long as they get dry
cannot wait to end this chore
man how time does fly.

Will I ever find the match?
its a mystery no one can solve
socks lying lonely in a huge square drawer
looking for a quick resolve.

Never mind the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or what happened to the Mari Rose, what about this life mystery? where does the missing sock go? you can pull the machine to bits, check what you put into it, but it still happens, scientists need to work on this and fast otherwise the whole world will have unmatched socks lol..

Has this happened to YOU? did you ever find the match?



    check this out, you may like it.

  2. wow,
    what a witty and cracker post about missing socks.
    I do have similar experience, it is never resolved as a result.

    when I was 7 years old, I was telling my grandmother about one my missing socks, I spoke of something that sounded like 'sucks', both my grandma and I have an amazing laugh...that time may be the time I find myself can rhythm words, unintentionally and now intentionally.

    I am entertained by the SOUND of your poem,
    very cool post of the week.

    cheers, ;)

  3. LOL!!! I am glad to see this problem is universal! Great, fun poem! Have a beautiful day!


  4. i have so many mismatched socks these days. i think the dryer has it in for me. lol.

  5. Oh yes this does happen. Today is wash day when I get a spare I place in my drawer and wait for the other one to be found.. How funny..

    Happy MOnday..

  6. Sock it to the washing machine, thought I was alone haha..wonder where have all the socks gone to? My most suspected culprit would be the strong wind which blew them from my drying area of my apartment. Have to make sure all the socks are now pegged. Thanks for the shocking socks poem.

  7. That is funny my friend. I can put the socks into one of those sock bags that goes into the washing machine and still find some missing. I always thought the washer was eating them. LOL A fun and interested poem my friend.

  8. This is so true!! I have far too many stray socks and as hubs and I share a sock drawer (awww) there are tons in there!!!

    Great poem, William.

    CJ xx

  9. lol, funny poem :)
    Why not just wear odd socks?

  10. And I thought I could blame my blondeness!! Excellent and very funny!!

  11. "Cool" post William and we've all had that experience :)
    Where does those missing socks go
    for as we know they can't walk
    out the door!
    Love you William :D

  12. Billy, this is by far one of the funniest poems I've read today and SO TRUE! We have so many 'missing socks' that need a mate, it isn't even funny! Excellent rhyme, flow and imagery and that cat better stand clear! Though you know, they never do...they are under your feet, circling like a bunch of Indians round your legs. I wouldn't be surprised if they ATE the darned socks. hehehe..Great poem and I laughed so hard. Bless you, Helen xxxx

  13. Thank you for the lovely poem in my comment section,
    you are very impressive when you act child like and sing-song like..

    Have A Beautiful Day Ahead,

  14. There is a parallel world in th drier. Everytime you operate it, the connecting gate opens and sucks one of the socks in. :D

  15. I found a few had fallen behind the drier. Others were just eaten by the sock monster:-)


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