Sunday, 14 February 2010


Waves batter the shoreline stones
they are polished to a fine degree
no power or fuel needed for this task
just Mother nature and the sea.

The power within Earth itself
is more awesome  than man made things
we cannot control the force of our planet
nor control how a bird fly s or sings.

From olden times men tried to control
the way our Earth reacted
but even in this new millenium we are in
only man could watch close and interacted.

The Egyptians were the most advanced
far ahead of their time and education
the greatest of buildings still stand today
void of asbestos and harmful radiation!

But what have we learned from millions of years
when man wasn't in charge of this world
Animals dominated in fierce competition
and territories soon unfurled.

Cars spewing out oxides, choking gases
poisonous to Earth and humanity
factories with pollution, dumping waste
adds to all this insanity.

Trees still being felled for ornament or paper
chasing the wildlife away
Countries with shorelines melting down
the sea taking over each day.

As we get older and learn to appreciate
we wonder what will happen to us then
will we survive as this planet deteriorates
or will it crumble? and when?

Generations need to work hard
to recycle and repair
as we witness many disasters
that happen frequently not rare.

Many scriptures tried to seal our fate
predictions were almost found true
but who can make a difference?
we all know the answer... IT''S YOU.

Many people are recycling, making a difference to our only World, but there still needs to be a lot of work done and fast, to prevent the decay of our Precious Earth, if we do not do it, what will be left for Generations to come?

What do YOU do for the Planets cause, they say walking to the shops instead of taking your car reduces the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere, turning your engine off whilst in parked position helps, the list goes on and on...


  1. This is profound poem william..
    I loved it.. and I believe that making a difference is what makes life worth living..

    Thanks for sharing..

    Noha/nanno1982 (aka The Book of Noha)

  2. This is wonderful. I don't drive. But I have great public transportation in nyc. I got a push mower (no gas or electricity needed). Today and yesterday I washed my clothes with a hand crank washer.. no electricity; and a spin dryer; uses very little electricity just to get most of the water off the clothes.
    I recycled.

    But in other ways.. I use too much electricity.. my 14 year old wants to be Herpetologist and the sun lamps; heat pads; and uv lights take a lot of electricity up for that many tanks.

    I try in some area.. and I'm wasteful still in others. This is a great reminder.

    I like what you wrote about Egyptian buildings..and paper for wrapping paper. I don't use wrapping anymore. I get creative and use other paper that I have that is not wrapping paper.

  3. I recycle our cans. We don't even have a car :) Happy Valentine's Day William ♥

  4. great post william...we have caused quite the wreck in our carelessness...with all the quakes and wacky weather you have to wonder if the clock is not trying to reset. hopefully we can assist before it becomes too late.

  5. "Many scriptures tried to seal our fatepredictions were almost found truebut who can make a difference?we all know the answer... IT''S YOU."

    Very important words! I have talked to friends and family about this problem, still most people don’t think they can help. Very, 'head in the sand' way of thinking..

    This is wonderful! I don’t see how you can do it, day after day, one brilliant poem after another. My hats off to you!!
    Gerardine xx

  6. Wonderful poem Billy. This is one of my favorite ones of yours. I too am into recycling, saving on electricity, and I even save wrapping tissue paper, and gift bags. I also like to get creative with wrapping paper like Ms Hen does.

  7. I adore the passion you write in to help us all explore our lives and make them even better. Thank you for helping us "see!" :)

  8. Ree cycling is important,
    I do recycle daily...

    Awesome man who works tirelessly to make the world a better place.

    Sweet Monday Ahead!

  9. Hi William,
    I appreciated this poem and the sentiments within it. I, too, worry greatly about human effect on the earth and what is going to happen next. I think you are right - each small decision that individuals make will help the whole heal. Let us all keep trying! The photo is spectacular, too, by the way.

  10. Oh Billy, This is so true. Mother Earth is being depleted day by day...still building malls, houses and such and our economy is zilch! How foolish is that? There are homes up for sale at lower prices and yet they continue to build new homes...what's wrong with renovating using precious materials that HELP the earth and the people in their homes. We do recycling every day and help by not driving anywhere unless we really need to. Who needs all that pollution. I'm seeing more and more 'workers' riding bikes to the el or to the trains or just to go for groceries. Not only saving us from polluting the air, but also economically.and physically, too. There are many ways we can do things, but you're right, it must be the people that do it!
    This is a wonderful write, stated powerfully with much imagery and marvelous poetry. A superb write, Billy. I loved it.
    Love & hugs,
    Helen xxx


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