Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The skyline red
shepherd resting
not a sound except the bleating of
a lamb lost from its Mother
carefully manoevering between Rams
as to not upset them
getting anxious
feeling lost
looking for his comfort
needing to be nurtured
eyes watery bleating louder
still walking.
Yearning now for his Kin
searching, looking 
for familiarity
amongst a plethera
of similar Brothers and sisters
no comfort, no solice
directed by the red sky
finally found
ewe bleating
lamb bleating
message understood
content and relaxed
suckled into mum
content and happy
under the red sky
sleeping now.

Reminds me of a time when I was a young boy, my sisters friend took us to the park in the Centre of Town and I got lost lol, floated about the park looking for familiarity, found solice in a Policeman and was taken home eventually, lol, so I know how this particular lamb felt..

Did anything similar ever happen to YOU? what was your most frightening experience...?


  1. I like the play of emotions, well done. =]

    I haven't had a single experience, but life in general feels like that sometimes, for me.

  2. baaaaa,
    the lamb is very cute when he is lost,
    i can imagine how innocent u r at a young age...
    godly words,
    heavenly photo.

    Now, as grown ups, we still yearn for love and comfort among family members, friends, agree?

    Thank U for writing something both universal and unique to share!
    Hope that your day is enjoyable and lovely!

  3. i think we have all been lost at one time or another. a lost child is one of the scariest things for me...i thought this one was going to a scary place with the imagery...glad she found her mom..

  4. I lost my husband in Wal-mart this weekend. I was looking every place and he did not answer his phone. I did find him.. What a great poem again.

  5. Dearest William,

    Lovely poem,
    I felt the despair and the relief
    when it found its mother,
    comfort ,safety and love.

    I can relate to this poem
    while I was in my ex marriage
    before I filled for divorce.

    I am so glad that
    the police man helped you home.
    It must have been so scary
    to be lost,
    especially among trees.


  6. What another outstanding job you have done my friend! One time one of my kids got lost in a very large park and I don't think I was ever so scared in my life. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  7. Beautiful. I love the emotion and the scene. Thanks for sharing!


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    cheers, ;)

  9. Gorgeous, many frightening experiences here. Glad they all had a happy ending :)

  10. Wonderful post William,and how sad it is to be lost and afraid! Thank God for all of the help he sends us when we need it! When I look at your picture I can just hear that accent! Luv U William.I'm feeling a little better,doctors appointment tomorrow yes!!!! :D

  11. Really nice William...I guess the most frightening "lost" memory I have was losing my middle daughter in the amusement park. We looked for 20 minutes before we found her and I was absolutely panicked. She decided to go watch people playing games and didn't think she needed to tell us. Ugh.

  12. nice..I believe everyone of us has experienced it at some point of time.

    Whenever you get the time do post it on www.simplypoet.com , your writings are a treat for poetry lovers.

  13. I got terribly turned around the first day of high school.
    Such sweet words:
    "not a sound except the bleating of
    a lamb lost from its Mother"

  14. Lambs are wandering from their mums all the time here! Particularly when they get to a couple of months old and they decide they want to explore.

    CJ xx


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