Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Is it hard to control your feelings
when all around you is falling?
get along with your fellow man
when war is often calling?

Is it hard to say I love you?
any time you see fit
even if you feel unloved yourself
and survive on your own wit.

Is it hard to bring up children?
in a world so full of hate
all you do is try to protect them
with a "bubble" you create.

Is it hard to get along
with neighbours you never see?
visit them and say "are you ok"
invite them in for tea.

Is it hard to look after our planet?
prevent it from being killed in "time"
with smog and poisonous gases
admit it, its a crime.

Is it hard to be nice to each other
even when you feel its not right?
its always better to get along
than to argue or to fight.

Is it hard to help an old lady
struggling to cross the road?
or a lady carrying heavy bags
struggling with her load?

Is it hard to smile at someone
you meet in the street?
even though these times dictate not
and you want to be discreet.

Is it hard to offer support 
when troubles often show
some day you might need help yourself
its true, you never know.

I know many of you support either friends, family or people you know, but how many people out there don't, one simple thing you do for someone else makes a BIG difference in their lives from a simple "hello" to helping an old lady across the busy street it all makes a difference.

 Question : Have you helped anyone recently? what did you do? did they appreciate it?


  1. It is hard to have that one person you can always count on. Friends come and go but family does say. I am lucky I have my parents, family and husband.. I am always helping when I can. I open a door. I talk to anyone that will talk back. I help out a friend when needed. I took a mag. over to a friend after her little one was sick so she could have something to read..

  2. it is only as hard as you make it...or as hard as you allow your heart to become. great verse today with some great questions.

  3. I like this one...great observations!
    "Is it hard to offer support
    when troubles often show
    some day you might need help yourself
    its true, you never know."
    I would like to think that I would try to offer support to others.

  4. I enjoyed this poem greatly, and it asked some hard questions. Helping another without the expectation of gain is actually quite rewarding. Thanks for making us all ask ourselves what we have been doing for those around us.

  5. Great poem William.
    All these things are not hard at all. Its just that we do not make any effort to do them.
    Its similar to what someone once said, 'If you have time, any distance is walking distance.' Same way, if you want to do it, nothing is hard or too much an effort.

    The way you brought it up is fantastic.

  6. It is NOT hard at all,
    small acts do big wonders,
    very enchanting way of doing the poem,
    I am rather impressed.


  7. Personally none of the things in your poem is hard for me, but for some they do find it hard for one reason or another. The biggest excuse I have heard in my 63 years of living is, "I can't help because I have never been through that situation before." This brings to my mind a question many people so often ask? "Why does God allow me to go through this?" Many times God allows us to go through situations so we can help someone later on who may be going through the same trails you went through. God sends people with problems who we can help because we can relate to the pain they are going through. People back away because they feel there is nothing they can say or do to help. Some times you don't have to say a word, just be there for them.

  8. Hi William
    Beautiful poem,and yes some days it's easier than others to be kind and friendly and help others as we should.A very good point to remember as you said we will also need help and should remember that when tempted to turn aside.
    Love ya :D oh yea my new nickname is "Flower" Thanks. :)

  9. Hi Billy, gorgeous poem again raising a few interesting questions. Living in London everyone is in their own little bubble. No one bats an eyelid at a man having a convulsion on the street. It's not a nice way to live. We should be able to help each other out occasionally. It seems people have forgotten the essence of community and I has replaced we. Makes me a little sad :(

  10. Asking a question is such a good way to involve a reader. I really like this poem, and agree with it (which makes it easy to like ;) ). Thank you for it.

  11. I guess those of us who need to model to those who don't. it's part of life for some of us. Glad you wrote the thought provoking poem

  12. thanks for the support,
    have a nice day ahead.

  13. Great poem! This reminds me that everyone is our "neighbor" whether we know them or not but reaching out is not always easy.

  14. All of that stuff is hard, really hard, but not impossible. I suppose that's the answer - if we all try our best and conquer the almost-impossible everything should turn out ok.
    Great poem! Thanks for making me think!

  15. Beautiful poem.
    My children saw a homeless man sleeping under a tree downtown, he was the only one without a blanket, and they asked if I could please give him my favorite blanket (which is always in the car when I go somewhere, my security blanket, lol)
    i wanted to scream "no way!!!" its the blanket i always have with me when i go to the hospital, when I spend days on end on the couch from my depression, but I saw the love in their eyes, and I said yes.
    They were SOO happy, they felt so good about themselves.


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