Saturday, 20 February 2010


Explosions were cool
bombs blasting all
is how I remember
man I had a ball.

Tiny machines
flying on screen
fingers going rapidly
and boy was I keen.

Moving about sideways
as if I was there
hands all shaking
fingers threadbare.

Thousands of points
another spaceship blows
only one life left
that's how it goes.

Fingers blistered
You grip the device
Scared to let go of it
Gripped like a vice.

Plenty of fun
Watching aliens die
Explosions with deep bass
Spaceships to fry.

Notching up scores
At a powerful pace
Fun and excitement
As if in a race.

a game of its time
the simplest of fun
of an age of its prime..

Lol I know not everyone is as old as me heheh but I remember Space Invaders, before it came onto game stations for the well off, at the shows we used to have a go when I was a lad, the fun was amazing, as the above picture suggests it wasn't rocket science but it kept us amused for hours, it has like everything made a comeback and is as popular as ever, but way back then, u could only go on the video games machine to have a go.

What was your fav electronic game when you were a kid? did you get good scores?


  1. lol. remember that was hi or when you had to input all your own code to get a dreadfully horrible you just plug a disc in and slaughter millions in brilliant far we have come, yet i wonder...

  2. interesting and funny game.
    I painted the picture of the game and how people played the game vividly...

    Plenty of fun
    Watching aliens die
    Explosions with deep bass
    Spaceships to fry.

    loved those lines...
    splendid poem!

  3. I loved Space Invaders. But, my favorite was Centipede!

  4. I STILL love & play video games. My favorite when I was a kid was Pac Man and my favorite now is Crash Bandicoot

  5. When I was a kid? I still play games, probably too many. My kids like it and my husband hates it. My earliest memory of a video game is of pong.

    Glad you liked the garden haiku. Thank you for your regular visits. :) They keep me motivated.

  6. My friend had one of those atari things...ding ding lol made me smile!!

  7. I really loved the game you talked about it was fun. I love Pac Man too. Scores uh who keeps that? Not me.. Have a great weekend. Glad you got your award..

  8. I am really not into games, any sort of games. lol
    Does singing karaoke counts? lol
    However , William , you really got me going there,
    I can FEEL the excitement of the game through your words.
    Hubby and I are just not into games
    but both my daughters , especially Jasmine,
    she is pretty awesome in PS3 games.
    I love watching all the sexy graphics. lol
    Have you a great weekend!


  9. hope that your day as bright as your shining spirits.

    I am honored to be your friend,
    along the way,
    tolerance, mutual understanding, respect, support will grow.

    take good care,

  10. I used to enjoy that Tennis one, can't remember what it was called, but it plugged into the television. We were never off it.

    CJ xx

  11. I enjoyed your poem, "Invaded From Space." I still have a version of that game, and I love it. You have a way with words and seem to have a lot of fun with your poetry.

    All the best and keep on writing!

    Rhoda Fort

  12. Those little buggers had me pulling my hair out. And still, I couldn’t stop!! They were fun! Now the games are so real Uriah barks when he hears the dog bark in the game!! LOL!


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