Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Please mummy tell me why
bees go a buzzin and birds fly
buildings are old, cars are fast
love is around but it never lasts.

Why our planet is round and not square?
Jesus was crucified for being loving and fair
flowers grow freely without human touch
some have money while others not much.

Animals live wild and come to our home
whilst others are caged and not free to roam?
aeroplanes fly, high in the sky
being made of metal how can they fly?

Ships are so heavy they float on water
couples want boys and sometimes a daughter?
how was I born into this world?
why does your tummy look pointy and curled.

How is that man black and not white?
why do our neighbours argue and fight?
when will my daddy be home from war?
and why is he over there fighting, what for?

why do you need money to buy our food?
is that young girl shouting "thats rude"
what happened to Granny? were did she go?
tell me now mummy I need to know!

Why do we need to wash every night?
is there a reason my teeth are white?
why do we need to sleep all the time?
what is a prison? is it a crime?

Where is heaven and can u take a bus?
why is that lady causing a fuss?
why do people sleep on the street?
do we have to wear shoes on our feet?

Children make us laugh, they come out with such bizarre things and stump you for answers, just like some of the above. We try our level best to give them the exact answer but sometimes we are limited lol and try and get around the REAL answer.

What bizarre things has your wee one asked and what answer did you give?


  1. Great poem. I would love to get inside a child's mind someday. Give them the answers to the questions above.

    CJ xx

  2. wow,
    another animated writing,
    the child in you keeps buging you for more classical poem like this, right?

    enjoy a day as beautiful as your mood.

  3. My nephew once asked me the god of all kiddie questions: WHERE DO KIDS COME FROM? And no, none of the stork stories were acceptable. I tried explaining they come from mamma's belly. Then came, 'So did she eat a baby first? Will I too have one if I eat one?'

    I hope I find a suitable answer to that before I have kids of my own.

  4. lol thanks folks, and datsme, good answer lol, im sure u will have one prepared when you have your own family, loved it ladies thank you xx

  5. how fun and whimsical the mind of a child. their questions and fun!

  6. Beautiful poem..
    Made me think because you know what?
    Till now I ask myself some of those questions and I get no answers back...
    To some of those questions, there are no satisfactory and real answers.. Simply, that's life!
    But we don't expect children to understand life too soon, that's why we go around and search for a suitable-to-children answer.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. My mom told me she found me underneath a tree, many years I believed her. LOL The answer to the question "Why was Jesus crucified for being loving and fair?" It is found in John 3:16-17: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

  8. I love that poem! Especially how you made it rhyme and flow, as well as making total sense and sticking to the point! None of it was forced at all - which is so hard to do with rhyme! Thanks for the laugh :)

  9. My little one was singing into a building block just like me the other day. It was so cute. She always talks about going shopping.. Have a great day..

  10. "Where is heaven and can u take a bus"

    That is the line where I started to choke up a bit. Out of all of your poems that I have read, this is definitely my favorite. You nail the voice of an inquisitive and insightful child perfectly. Excellent poem and thank you for posting it!

  11. thanks brian, Noahemile, Amy, Viola, Datsme, Kj Grace and Beth for your kind comments :)

  12. I use to like oatmeal until I had to eat it every day, why is that?
    Instead of a dollar from the tooth fairy, do you think if I left her a note she would leave me five dollars instead?
    Kids are priceless:-)
    Gerardine XX

  13. Really sweet and don't kids ask a whole lot of questions,and then look at you real funny when they get your answer! I'm glad those days are over,good poem William I enjoyed the read. :D

  14. I love the questions that children ask. Then, I scratch my head!

  15. Such a lovely poem.
    So lively and inquisitive.
    Thank God, with my kids, I have always
    been very open minded with them.
    Hence, they are never shy to ask me more questions. Really good for our relationships.

  16. Hi William... ha I think I most definitely was one of those children...

    Nice work

    Warmest Salad



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