Friday, 19 February 2010


I remember the days
of the family dinners
we would all gather round
and we were the winners.

Mum would cook her little heart out
the smells were so apealling
no one was allowed near the kitchen
when mum was preparing and peeling.

The mystery grew as the aroma waffed
into the lounge where we sat
would it be roast, would it be stew?
or gammon cooked with pig fat.

No one knew from one week to the next
what culinary joys we would see
the whole episode was a close guarded secret
when uncovered we all looked with glee.

Dad would sit on his comfy chair
watching the football or sport
sisters would chat about the night out before
while my brother filled out his report.

My little brther and I would sit and draw
little sister played with her dolls
still wondering what dinner would be
maybe ham or some meat balls.

The day was good a relaxing Sunday
everyone resting, as you do
chatting and catching up on the past week
laughing and joking all through.

At last the dinner was all served up
mum never let us down
a gorgeous feast of delicious food
covered in gravy thick and brown.

Then everyone one did their own thing
stuffed and unable to move
Sunday was "family time"
never the need to improve.

Ah the good old days, sitting at home with mum and dad,we are a large family, we never had room for a dining table in our flat back then but we ate on our lap, mum was a fabulous cook, she took pride in her Sunday dinners, everyone loved them,my elder brother and two elder sisters were at home at this point, then they married, and naturally had their own family dinners, but these memories will not leave me.

Did you have "family dinners" before you left home? did your mom inspire you to cook?


  1. We always sat around our family table for dinner ever night. Until I got into high school and I worked and got home late. My Mom always had a plate of food for me waiting to be heated up. I had to cook for my family when I was younger. I am glad I learned that skill. My Daddy is a great cook and he does most of the cooking now for my Mom. In my house my husband cooks and I love it. Of course when he works I cook.. Thanks for playing along. I really enjoyed this. It made me think of my family... Have a great weekend.

  2. we had family dinner all the time...these days it seems much more of a luxury, which is sad. now i work most evenings...loved your verse though...

  3. I miss all our family get togethers. They pretty much stopped when my grandparents passed away. They were always the ones to get us all together.

  4. We had family dinners every Sunday at my grandmother's house. In the summertime relatives from Michigan would come to visit and it was pretty much standing room only! There would be people sitting outside in lawn chairs and at the picnic table in the yard eating! My grandmother could cook for 1 or 100...and enjoyed it no matter what!

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of those times at her house. And of the food..all that yummy food!


  5. wow,
    it reminds me of Happy Chinese New Year Celebration back at home when I was young...

    Your photo seems like a Thanksgiving dinner...

    happy poem,
    happy readings!

  6. It is amazing to see u so creative,
    U R well prepared for such elegant feast in poetry and fun.
    take care.

  7. Great poem...I love it..! yes my Momma cooked a lot and always had a wonderful dinner for was just me and her...and she could make gourmet meals out of nothing at all..well at least for the days when things were matter what,... she made something yummy...Ive cooked forever..well about 24 years for my family and now I'm kind of tired of kids are older and everyone comes and goes at different times..I still cook for hubs..but I'm not as thrilled with it..I'm starting a new family tradition of big meal Saturday for all who can make it...

  8. I enjoyed those meals very much...they weren't always around a table, but we were all in the same space, at least. There were times when one or the other would find some reason to complain or not be there, but those were our brazen days; we knew not what we possessed.

    I know there's a certain amount of growing up that must be done later in life, but I still can't help but feel that leaving the nest is unnatural. Birds do it, but I am no bird...and that place will always occupy my heart.

  9. I remember family dinners well. I can still my lovely dad sat at the head of the table after a lovely Sunday roast.

    CJ xx


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