Friday, 5 February 2010


To have your family near
is a blessing in disguise
lots of people are estranged
on that I'm not surprised.

You never pick up the phone
to ask them how they are
it doesn't matter were they live
from a phone it isn't far!

Mostly everyone has a computer
a nessecity for communication
or why don't you stop on by
the next time you take a vacation.

You may have your little differences
let sleeping dogs lie
your life is slipping by you
give it a go, why not try.

To all you stubborn people
who won't make the first move
family means the very essence
nothing is needed to prove.

You may regret not speaking
to your sister brother or dad
remember were you come from
and realize its bad.

So go pick up that phone
get your notepad out and write
the thing with families is easy
no one is wrong or right!

They say you can choose your friends
but cannot choose your kin
blood is thicker than water
be loving from within.

To all you happy Families
I wish you all the best
your love is shining through
you have completed the test.

My friend Amy has a Round Robin poem today and her theme is Family's, well I can't write about the sweetness and light lol even though my own family are cool and I am around them, however there are estranged families, millions in this World, so I wanted to write this poem from these family perspectives.

Are YOU estranged from your family? or do you all get along? who are you closest to?


  1. Thanks for playing along.. Next week if you want to share a love poem that would be great. I am so happy you did this for me. Thanks...

    I am pretty close to my family. I do not know my bio father's side but not by choice. He left us. Oh well his loss. I love my family my Mom the only dad I really had and more family..

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You are right some families are estranged for various reasons. My family has not always been sweetness and joy, but I have learned a lot from watching them and knowing them.

    Great poem!

    Thanks for playing today! I hope you'll come back again!!

  3. wow,
    a shining star in the vast sky...

    I not estranged from my family, but know some do,
    prayers and grand wishes to those who are troubled bt family issues...

    Have An Awesome Weekend.

  4. family is too important to live comfortably in the silence...nicely done william. hope you have a great weekend too. 3 inches of snow already...and maybe up to 2 feet...

  5. Like Amy, I don't know my father's family because he left my mom when I was very small. Four of my five brothers died of cancer, as you know, however my one brother left we cherish him and my sister and my four sisters and I are best friends. You are right Billy blood is thicker than water and I just couldn't let to much time go by without talking to my siblings.

  6. Hi William
    That is so true,sometimes we hold grudges for years against a family member instead of being forgiven and moving on in love.Truly enjoyed the read and glad to say I'm back online yeaaaaaaaaa!
    Love ya :D

  7. There are those family members that say, they are busy or the days get ahead of them. I tell my kids the only birthday/holiday gift I want, is a phone call once a week- As long as they have long distance and can afford it.
    Great poem!

    These lines should be remembered:

    "You may have your little differences
    let sleeping dogs lie
    your life is slipping by you
    give it a go, why not try"

    Gerardine Baughxx
    Have a great Saturday!!


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